Congratulations! If you’ve been invited to attend a friend or love one’s quinceañera, you’re obtaining a chance to see a beautiful coming-of-age heritage that happens in many Latino families. It’s a lovely event to celebrate through family and also friends, and is culturally comparable to a Bar Mitzvah. However for first-timers, there deserve to be a most questions about what is or is not ideal to wear come a quinceañera. Right here is a breakdown of what’s encouraged, what’s not, and some advice for ideal quinceañeraetiquette.

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Before us dive right into what you should wear come a quinceañera as a guest, we’re certain there are various other things going on in your life too! If so, you should absolutely go read some that the various other entries in our What come Wear collection that we have going on below at

What’s A Quinceañera?


A quinceañerais an important rite of passage for Latino girls, and also the legacy is many commonly commemorated by Catholics, although secular latino girls or those of other religions might likewise honor the classic as a cultural event. That marks the 15th birthday of a girl and the passage from childhood right into womanhood. It’s a tradition that dates earlier to ancient times, where at the comnig of age, girls would start to discover the traditional an abilities expected the a mrs (we understand it sound old fashioned). These days though, the a party that celebrates a girl start her journey right into womanhood. In Spanish the Quinceañera refers to the girl herself. The cultural and spiritual traditiona celebrates God, family, friends, and also of course the date of birth girl herself. This is one affair for anybody who’s close come the burgeoning woman, therefore it’s really quite an respect to it is in invited.

For those that aren’t acquainted with a quinceañera, think of it together a Sweet 16 party, other than that the girl is 15 and there is a Latin twisted on things. The a beautiful custom v deep cultural and spiritual roots, and also there are many colors, very delicious food, and also familial love to go all around.

What to Wear come a Quinceañera because that Women


Since a quinceañera is all about the birthday girl, guests don’t desire to stay anything too revealing or flashy. Permit the lady of the hour have actually her day and enjoy her opportunity to put her finest foot front in an extravagant dress. As soon as it comes to selecting a dress color, pretty much anything goes. Just be certain that the color won’t clash with the layout of the party. Make sure to perform a quick examine to uncover out what the date of birth girl is wearing, and if you want to extra careful, protect against clashing v the family as well. You desire to protect against detracting attention away from them.

Ladies don’t need to feel confined come wearing a dress, but make sure every little thing you’re attract is totally formal – no semi official or smart casual look at allowed! Imagine it’s a princesses’ round – due to the fact that essentially that’s what that is, with the birthday girl taking the duty of the princess. Another important thing right here is to do sure whatever you’re attract is age-appropriate; ~ all, this is a 15-year-old girl’s party. Anything as well revealing will certainly send a negative message to parents and could be viewed as a negative influence top top teenagers.

Fortunately, ladies have actually lots of choices when it involves showing some skin. A small goes a long way, therefore if the outfit reveals some leg, keep the upper fifty percent of the body concealed. A strapless dress can be okay, just have actually a shawl or jacket as a backup cover and keep the size of the dress long.

The watch word here is tasteful – make sure every little thing you’re attract is formal, tasteful, not also revealing, and not as well flamboyant so as to not draw attention far from those who’re being celebrated at the event. As lengthy as you’re working within this confines, you’re permitted to wear everything you like.

For the top half, remember the cleavage is usually a no-no at a quinceañera. Not only will it send a negative message come the girl’s parents, yet it will likewise take the attention away native her. It’s okay to undertake a V-neck, yet keep the modest, and also avoid low-cut formats that room sleeveless. Baring midriff is likewise something to it is in avoided. No matter just how casual the party is, it’s just not a an excellent look because that a 15-year-old’s birthday, particularly if you’re one adult.


Another point to take into consideration is where the party is acquisition place. Home parties often tend to be an ext on the informal side, so there is more room to play with different styles. Try to have a heavy idea of the parents’ attitude towards clothing, and also again, recognize the party colors so the there isn’t any kind of unnecessary clashing. If the party is in ~ a room or a church, walk for something much more formal. Save dress lengths at the knee or lower, and avoid showing off the shoulders.

The weather can also play a part in choosing the right outfit. The spring and also summer periods are perfect because that pretty pastels and florals; just don’t make them too flashy. It’s okay to have actually sleeveless or off-the-shoulder outfits, as long as the bottom fifty percent is much more conservative. As a general ascendancy of thumb, don’t display off too much skin, and don’t stay anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable put on in former of your granparents. Winter parties or those in cooler weather room the best time to play through sparkles and sequins. Again, it do not do it be too flashy, yet a little bit of funny can include to the festive the atmosphere of the party.

If you’re in doubt, it’s always OK come ask the master what’s appropriate, especially if friend don’t come from that culture yourself. Just send a fast email or a blog post asking whats’s appropriate and what’s no – whoever’s hosting will be happy to aid you out, together they’re walking to be doing their utmost come make certain the birthday girl and also the guests have a an excellent time.

Which pair of shoes to Wear?

The shoes decision will count on several factors, consisting of the preferred outfit, the location, and also the time the year. Open-toed shoes room fine, but avoid super-casual shoes favor sandals and flip flops. Also, stilettos and very high heels can be bring away the wrong way – together if you’re trying to one-up the birthday girl. Stick come a cute pair that flats, part pretty wedge heels, or also some office-appropriate pumps. In short, heels are OK, however nothing too high. For the cooler months, a pair of fishing eye booties have the right to be cute, too. Store in mind that parties held in churches or officially banquet halls frequently call because that closed-toe shoes. Remember, there will probably be dancing involved, so take it that right into account when picking your shoes.

Quinceañera behavior & Etiquette


Finally, for civilization who’re attending their first quinceañera, they can not understand what come expect. A run-down that some appropriate etiquette and also general rules of actions is in order.

First, intend the party to start with a religious ceremony. This commonly takes ar at a church, however it could likewise be held in a banquet room or even at home. What complies with is a reception or party, and the date of birth girl will be the center of attention.

She choose a “court” beforehand, usually comprised of near friends or household members. Depending on the choices of the host family and the birthday gril, and the particular culture, the court deserve to be made up of approximately 14 young men and also 14 young women, back you’ll additionally frequently see various combinations (e.g 4 girls and also 1 guy).

Together, they might perform a choreographed dance, and also her friends and relatives could give speeches in her honor. It’s crucial that guests nothing wear the same kind of outfit together the quinceañera’s court (the damas and chambelanes). Typically, the court will certainly be wearing official gowns if they’re girls and tuxedos if they’re guys. Try to examine beforehand to check out what colors and styles castle wearing. Guests certainly don’t want to it is in mistaken because that the court.

Throughout the event, that customary because that guests to provide the date of birth girl unique gifts, such together a tiara, a Bible, a rosary, or a ostrich of flowers. The family will generally let any type of guests recognize if lock to give the teen any kind of of this items. The being said, this is a date of birth party, and a really special one in ~ that. All guests should have actually some type of gift for the date of birth girl. This need to be something that is thought out and also unique come her. She is transitioning native a kid to a young lady, so choose something meaningful. Some ideas include jewelry, a piece of art, a religious symbol like a cross, or something regarded her interests. It is in respectful, however make certain that girlfriend let her recognize she’s loved.

On top of the dancing, the religious ceremony, and also the court, some other quinceañeras traditions include things favor a ritual including the birthday girl receiving her ‘last doll’, signifying the she’s too old for children toys any type of longer. Typically, she’ll gift the doll to a younger sibling or family member as part of the ritual. The date of birth girl will virtually definitely it is in gifted a bouqet of flowers – symbolically, her ‘first flowers’ as a young woman. Piñatas likewise frequently make an illustration – 15 piñatas to be exact, one for yearly of the date of birth girl’s life. Then there’s the cutting of the (usually an extremely large) date of birth cake, and you’re practically guaranteed to hear a birthday tune as well, although depending on the family this may be a classic birthday tune in Spanish or the much more familiar ‘Happy Birthday’.

Because the party is typically a very huge affair, family and also and close family members friends are periodically expected come chip in in the direction of the costs of the event. This isn’t neccesarily something that’s simple to bring up in a conversation, so the ideal thing to carry out is probably to ask who who’s in the same position as you. Find someone who’s an ext familiar with the organize family’s specific culture and preferences, and also ask them even if it is or not a contribution could be appreciated, and follow their lead.

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The most essential thing that all as soon as it concerns attending a quinceañera is to have FUN. It’s a birthday party ~ above steroids, and nobody likes a party pooper. Put your best foot forward and enjoy the reality that you’ve been asked to sign up with in on such vital day in the young woman’s life.