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If you read my “Shocking in Santiago” post a couple of weeks back, you currently know that quite a couple of things surprised me about life below in Santiago. Weirdly though, one thing that slipped mine mind and I completely forgot to add to the list, which yes, really shocked me the most, was the language & every those pesky Chilean slang words.

Before relocating to Chile, I had heard many a tale the the weird language known as ‘Chileno,’ or the Chilean version of Spanish. Still, ns figured after 2 year living in Spain, the couldn’t probably be the bad…



My very first memory after aircraft touchdown in Santiago walk a little something favor this: It’s 8 to be after an overnight 10 hour flight. My friend Mandy and I have finally made it v customs, accumulated our bags and also are head towards the airport exit. We are an extremely eager to obtain to our hostel, therefore we quickly make our means over to the Transvip carry desk and begin to converse through the attendant. Ten lengthy minutes and a many confusion later on (noteour transport had already been arranged, confirmed and paid because that in advance) Mandy and I exchange a confused glance- this entirety Chilean slang / language thing was definitely going to it is in harder than expected.

After similar interactions through our driver and several sellers on the street, I ultimately knew what every the fuss was about. This “Chilean Spanish” to be hardly Spanish at all!

Anyway- lengthy story short, I might dedicate whole website to the art of ‘Chileno‘ and also these ‘Chilenismos,’ or Chilean slang words. Actually, over there are many dictionaries, books and also Youtube spoofs committed specifically to the topic.

BUT because that today, i figured we’d start slow and I’d help you gain your feet wet.

Here are 10 the the most typical Chilenismos, the you’re sure to hear pretty much any type of time a Chilean opens their mouth. If you desire to end up being a component of any kind of conversation in Chile, be sure to go armed with these slang words, and if you don’t setup on talking to any type of Chileans in the near future- well, here’s to hope you still discover something!

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The 10 many Common Chilenismos or Chilean Slang Words

1. Chachai? – You catch that?

Chachai‘ is usually supplied at the finish of a sentence or question to check that someone understood what you were saying. The pretty lot means:‘You get me?’ or ‘You know?’


2. Fome – Lame or Boring

Fome method that something is ‘not cool,’ or “lame” / “boring.” You’ll frequently hear the phrase- ‘que fome,’ or how boring! One I got pretty much anytime i did a ‘not therefore exciting’ task at school last year..

3. Bacán – Cool

Bacán is an additional one that’s supplied in quite much any kind of casual Chilean conversation. Well, as long as there’s something ‘cool’ to talk about.

4. Cuico / Cuica – Posh or Preppy

Chileans use ‘Cuico‘ or ‘Cuica‘ to talk around people through money. Most of the time it’s supplied for more than just money though; it’s also the attitude that comes together with it. Depending upon the context, it have the right to mean grounding up or snobbish. Every Spanish speaking society seems to have actually their very own version of this- ago in Spain it to be “pijo(a).”


5. Weón / Weóna – Dude

Gosh, where perform I start with weón. Or should I to speak ‘hue’on’ or also ‘huevón.’ This is such a invited word, v so many meanings in so many different situations. One thing’s because that sure, you must be mindful how you usage it.

Depending top top the ton of her voice, the context and also even who you space talking to, this word have the right to mean SO many different things. However for factors of maintaining these explanations short and to the point- we’ll to speak it means something follow me the present of dude. That can likewise mean friend, idiot, jerk, loser, player, clown, and well, the list goes on and on.

You’ll likewise hear the native ‘hue’a’ or ‘wea’ thrown about pretty loosely. This is used to describe a thing, a situation or also something abstract. Provided correctly, wea deserve to pretty much median anything you want it to. Great or bad.

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6. Pololo / Polola – friend or Girlfriend

Finally, one v a basic explanation. Pololo and Polola would have to be a set of my favourite Chilean words. The first couple of times you speak it, it simply sounds for this reason freakin’ ridiculous. Go ahead, to speak it, I dare you …

Pololo and also Polola average boyfriend and also girlfriend and also you can also use it together a verb- ‘pololear.’ So, if you speak ‘están pololeando‘ (which I indicate you do because it sound hysterical), you’d it is in saying- they’re date or they’re seeing each other.

Be careful, due to the fact that ‘novio‘ and ‘novia’ AKA the much more universal Spanish words for boyfriend and also girlfriend average fiancé right here in Chile! Can definitely get you right into some exciting situations