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Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1987 January 10th Billy Vera & the Beaters carry out "At This Moment" on the ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program, "American Bandstand"...At the time "At This Moment" was at place #9 top top Billboard"s optimal 100 chart, two weeks later it would optimal at #1 for 2 weeks, and also it invested twenty one mainly on the top 100...And ~ above January 25th, 1987 it reached #1 for 1 week on Billboard"s Adult contemporary Tracks chart...Between 1967 and also 1987 Billy Vera had 5 records on the optimal 100 chart, one do the peak 10, the above "At This Moment"..."At This Moment" charted twice, because that it"s an initial time top top the height 100 it got to #79 for 1 week top top September 27th, 1981...Two that his charted records were duets through Judy Clay, "Storybook Children" peaked in ~ #54 in January of 1968 and "Country Girl-City Man" reached #36 in march of 1968...He had one various other charted document with the Beaters, "I deserve to Take treatment of Myself", it peaked in ~ #39 in might of 1981...His just solo height 100 record was "With Pen In Hand", it peaked in ~ #43 for 2 weeks on July 14th, 1968...Billy Vera, born wilhelm Patrick McCord, v celebrate his 76th birthday in four months on might 28th, 2020...David from EnglandThe 1st time ns heard this track was a an extremely short snippet in the elevator of a really violent rape scene . With Jodie Foster on a swimming pool table ns believe..The Accused. It stuck in my head for weeks ...(the tune ) no the scene. I had to discover out that it was, took me mainly . I currently song it frequently in mine shows and also people constantly ask around it of my favourite tracksHlemma native PhoenixThis tune is therefore cheesy and also melodramatic it renders me cringe. I don"t understand if any lyricist has ever jammed a longer string the clichés into a single song.Markantney indigenous BiloxiJun 2015, i hope this comes across well however the truth the lead singer doesn"t have actually straight-out-of-central-casting looks... Need to tell you the talent the his voice/group and also how great this tune really is?It doesn"t get enough credit in the annals that all-time hits to me.Timeless song.Linda native Inland Empire, CaSuch an incredible, remarkable song.Melissa Ferguson from Roanoke, VaI simply love this song...although it is a separation song, ns think the is beautiful. Especially the component where he say I"d subtract two decades from mine life, I"d loss down on mine knees, kiss the ground that you to walk on, if I might just organize you again....Now, that is pure unadulterated LOVE and also it is beautiful.Barry native Sauquoit, Ny"At This Moment" got to #1 ~ above January 24th, 1987 and also stayed over there for two weeks. When an initial released in 1981 the called on the document label to be "Billy and also the Beaters", his critical name appeared when it to be reissued in 1986!!! Theresa indigenous Murfreesboro, TnSuch a heart-tugging song, provides me cry still.Richard from Talladega, AlI think Billy Vera also does the opening design template for "King the Queens"Dave native Houston, TxI consider this the perfect love song. The songwriter yes, really illustrates true love once he won"t lash out or retaliate even when rejected.Jack indigenous Davenport, IaWasn"t this song re-released and briefly make it back to #1 a couple of years ago? about 2002?I recognize I began hearing the on the radio a lot an ext back then.My wife and I space "discussing" this and also I speak it did and also she states it didn"t.Does anyone know for sure?Kelli native Houston, TxThe indigenous are several of the many amazing I"ve ever before heard in a song. It was a huge hit my sophomore year that high school.Justin from Philadelphia, PaThe track hit No. 1 in 1987Jake from san Mateo, CaI wanna advertisement that the tune which aired on family Ties. NBC"s switchboard was swarmed w/ calls asking what is the surname of that tune that bring about Billy Vera & The Beaters brief sucess that "At This Moment"Ed indigenous Milwaukee, WiAs far as I deserve to tell, ~ looking increase the history of the song, Billy Vera created it.Calypso indigenous Montreal, Canadawho created the song?see much more comments
which EileenDexys Midnight Runners

Dexys Midnight Runners" "Come top top Eileen" is based on a genuine girl dubbed Eileen the the band"s Kevin Rowland had a partnership with in his beforehand teenage years.

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Uncle John"s BandGrateful Dead

"Uncle John"s Band" by the grateful Dead was the first time the expression "God Damn" appeared in a commercially-released song.

IrisThe Goo Goo Dolls

The Goo Goo Dolls obtained the title because that their tune "Iris" from a nation singer named Iris DeMent.

Hash PipeWeezer

MTV wanted Weezer to record a variation of their tune "Hash Pipe" together "Half Pipe" come appeal to the skateboarding crowd. The band refused, and also MTV noted the tune as "H*** Pipe."

here I walk AgainWhitesnake

Whitesnake"s "Here i Go Again" is a really inspiring song, but it"s really about heartbreak: David Coverdale created it as soon as his an initial marriage to be falling apart.

just how Big, how Blue, exactly how BeautifulFlorence + the machine

The title of Florence + the Machine"s "How Big, how Blue, how Beautiful" was motivated by the Los Angeles skyline.

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Marc Campbell - "88 Lines about 44 Women"They"re play My tune

The Nails command singer Marc Campbell talks around those 44 females he sings about over a share Casio key-board track. He"s married to among them now - you can be surprised which.

Mike Scott that The Waterboys - "Fisherman"s Blues"They"re playing My tune

Armed through a childhood spent devouring books, Mike Scott"s heart was stolen through the punk absent scene that 1977. No surprisingly, he would go ~ above to end up being the many literate the rockers.

Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz, Rainbow)Songwriter Interviews

Yngwie Malmsteen and also Steve Vai were 2 of Graham"s co-writers for some "80s rock classics.

director Wes Edwards ("Drunk ~ above a Plane")Song creating

Wes Edwards takes united state behind the scene of videos the shot because that Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley and Chase Bryant. The train was genuine - the airplane was not.

martin PageSongwriter Interviews

With Bernie Taupin, young name co-wrote the #1 access time "We constructed This City" and "These Dreams." After composing the nice Woman song for walk West, he had his own hit v "In the home of stone and Light."

glen Phillips that Toad the Wet SprocketSongwriter Interviews

The "All i Want" singer went with a long depression, playing some shows as soon as he didn"t desire to be alive.