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The American magazine Entertainment Weekly shared a new photo online from great Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald the sparkled a most discussion about the upcoming film and also a particular character. In this photo, we watch Albus Dumbledore (played by Jude Law) through a young Newt Scamander (played by Joshua Shea) in what it appears to it is in a classroom with other students indigenous the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw house.

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The setting reminds united state of an additional class the took ar in the movie cosmos of the Wizarding World. In take care of Potter and also the prisoner of Azkaban, Professor Remus Lupin teach his third-year students just how to face a Boggart, the evil non-being that takes ~ above the type of the viewer’s worst fear. Newt’s face and also body posture space also similar to harry’s in his Defense against the Dark art (DADA) class: fear in the face but not danger. Due to the fact that of the synopsis of some related publications from the movie, we understand too the the Boggart will play a role in this film. And also as if this were not enough, in ~ CinemaCon in April, Warner Brothers shown a new clip native the film. Attendees said that one of the scenes that they confirmed was the very same one indigenous the photo: hogwart Professor Albus Dumbledore teaching a course the Riddikulus spell (by the way, Newt’s Boggart turns into a desk since he is afraid of functioning an office job). Also, the an initial trailer verified us Dumbledore’s office, however curiously, the is the same set that was offered in the an initial Harry Potter movies because that the Defense against the Dark arts classroom. So if over there are numerous connections in between Dumbledore and that Professor position, why we space still doubting if that is going come teach DADA?

Truth to it is in told, Dumbledore being a DADA professor was never shown so far, and it would contradict (at least in a basic sense) what we understand from the original seven books. In take care of Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore tells us about a young Tom Riddle that asked the then-Hogwarts Headmaster Armando Dippet if he can remain as a teacher. Riddle wanted the place of Galatea Merrythought, who was to teach Defense against the Dark Arts because that “nearly fifty years”. Besides that, we know from take care of Potter and also the chamber of Secrets and also by some Pottermore writings that Albus Dumbledore to be Transfiguration Professor at Hogwarts. This two main facts (Merrythought teaching DADA and Dumbledore to teach Transfiguration) would result in a canon contradiction follow to a most fans.

However, they room not a contradiction. The fact that Dumbledore taught Transfiguration walk not median he couldn’t have actually taught something rather at one more time. It is most likely that he teach Transfiguration much more than DADA, however it would certainly not it is in the very first professor to change subjects. In take care of Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Quirrell is a well-known professor in ~ the start of the book, however it is his very first year at DADA too, for this reason we can assume he was to teach something rather in the vault years. However most fans are okay through this, yet they can not expropriate the contradiction through Merrythought teaching for almost 50 years DADA. The problem is, the books do no say the either.

“Defense versus the Dark Arts. It was being taught at the time by an old Professor by the surname of Galatea Merrythought, that had gone to Hogwarts for nearly fifty years” room the words talked by Dumbledore in the sixth book, and also this doesn’t mean that Merrythought taught DADA for fifty years. He stated she had been at Hogwarts because that fifty years, which can mean she switched positions during that fifty percent a century. This would be a good explanation the does not contradict canon again. But even if she was teaching DADA for almost fifty years, together a lot of world suppose from the Half-Blood Prince dialogue, there space still exceptions for Dumbledore to be the professor in that particular class.

Albus Dumbledore could be easily the substitute for DADA in case of lack of Galatea Merrythought, because of illness, a trip, or anything. It would not be the very first case, together Professor Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank to fill in as care of miracle Creatures teacher during the fourth and also fifth book while Hagrid to be unable to execute it.


We have asked part canon specialist their opinion ~ above this, and also this is what they said:

“My solution to Dumbledore teaching DADA vs canon that Prof Merrythought – substitute Teacher! as a young Newt, he may have taught a course or 2. In FB2, probably Merrythought is the end on extended leave…like Grubbly-Plank extended for Hagrid and also Snape because that Lupin!” S.P. Sipal, writer of an excellent Secrets Behind wonderful Beasts.

“I think it’s just an additional case of the movies ignoring canon together they space wont come do. True it can be Dumbledore substituting for Merrythought (similarly to exactly how Grubbly-Plank subs because that Hagrid during the fourth and also fifth books), but this seems favor it’s a solitary flashback scene and without much room for that type of facility exposition. While it’s possible that they’re somehow gift canon accurate here I think the most most likely explanation is the this is as non-canon together Dumbledore’s muggle suit, Newt’s residence tie, or the dragon skeleton hanging from the ceiling. The take care of Potter films have never cared about staying continuous with the books and also this seems choose a weird place to start.” Ibid, Curator the

“This would certainly contradict canon, if that’s what the step is trying to show. Merrythought to be the DADA teacher at the time and Dumbledore to be Transfiguration.” Steve Vander Ark, Creator and also Editor in chef of The harry Potter Lexicon.

We room still four months far from the release of wonderful Beasts: The crime of Grindelwald and also just one photo permitted us to theorize a many things from one of the many beloved characters. Still, we will understand the fact on November 16th, when the movie hits cinemas around the world. What’s your thinking on this? Send her comments and also opinion come our Twitter and also Facebook accounts.


In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jude Law, the actor play Albus Dumbledore, evidenced he is not teaching Transfiguration.

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Q: so he teaches Transfiguration, right?

A: He doesn’t teach Transfiguration, actually, not at this stage.

Q: Oh! because in Potter lore, that was said he supplied to be a Transfiguration teacher before becoming headmaster…