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Caroline Lake Quiner Ingalls

Charles Frederick Ingalls – The small Known brothers of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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I to be sure many of us are acquainted with Little house on the Prairie television routine of the 1970s. Very little was mentioned around Laura’s only brother Charles Frederick Ingalls who passed away at the age of nearly 10 months old on respectable 27, 1876.

He resided in the period between Laura’s books “On the financial institutions of Plum Creek” and “By the Shores of silver- Lake.”

From the photographs of the family on this page we obtain an idea of what little Freddie may have looked like.

“Laura rarely spoke that him, although later on in her life she did say he had actually never to be a healthy baby, and also suffered convulsions before he died. So late in she life, Caroline Ingalls said, “Everything would have been various if Freddie had lived.”

From find a tomb we find this paragraph through a dig marker.


Charles Phillip Ingalls

Charles Ingalls and his family members visited his older brother Peter and his household living approximately South trojan MN. Top top 27th august 1876, little Freddie, Charles’ and also Caroline’s only son, died aged practically 10 months. A couple of weeks later on they left the area because that Burr Oak Iowa, USA.

Freddie was hidden locally however no one to know where. At southern Troy is a display, mental Laura’s family’s time here. On the plank is a copy of Freddie’s death certificate. There room several neighborhood cemeteries yet none that them record the funeral of Freddie Ingalls.

However, the it is registered at satisfied Prairie (Dale) cemetery shows indications of overlook at the time and also subsequent composing up through a later keeper.

Also a bad damaged marker of the kind used for kids at the time has been uncovered there. Any kind of identifying engravings on the marker have actually crumbled away v the damage but must be that of a son who was buried there however quickly abandoned and not looked after.

Is this Freddie Ingalls’ grave marker? whether it is the rock belonging to Freddie Ingalls or the of another small child, that is a installation remembrance for all the little children who shed their lives while their families created these frontier communities.

The Ingalls Family


Seated Left to appropriate Caroline, Charles, and Mary; was standing Left to appropriate Carrie, Laura and Grace

A small bit about Freddie’s family

I have always loved Laura’s stories and have watched the television show over and also over again. I have actually watched every the movies the I have actually found about her. Mine daughter loved the TV show, also. Us watched that together once it first aired in 1974 when she was four years old. She acquired the an initial 6 books as a gift from mine aunt who knew she love Laura and the tiny House Books. I knew some things around Laura and her family and also that points were no all exactly in the TV show.

So when I check out the books, or rather listened to all 11 publications in 2014, ns was surprised at few of the points that ns felt to be left out.

1. For certain the greatest faux pas to be the reality that mar was never married nor had actually a child. The remainder of the TV present was precise as far as the main family members general lives and also where they lived and also so forth.

2. The various other thing the was amazing is that Nellie Oleson was not constantly rich! She was in reality a ‘country girl’ much more than she to be a ‘town girl’ many of her childhood. Nellie’s father, Nels Oleson had lost the store and when they relocated to wherein Laura and family moved later – the Oleson’s live on a claim in the country. Nellie to be a brat because that sure. Willy, Nellie’s brother, to be a negative boy in the books, too. Mrs. Oleson is never ever mentioned! i was surprised about that together she was such a large part that the TV series!

3. Mr. Edwards is pretty much as the TV series. His wife and children are not stated by name. It is not well-known if Mr. Edwards is a true person or a composite of several persons. He is not given a very first name in the books.

4. Almanzo’s sister, Eliza jane Wilder is the teacher for only less than one year. She sided v Nellie against Laura! Eliza jane left and also was not a component of Laura’s life as lot as presented in the TV present according come the books.

The publication I reading following is by wilhelm Anderson, a “Biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder.” There room some other books and stories to be read, most of which to be not easily accessible at the remote Library yet. I have heard over there are various other books around Ma, Caroline Ingalls.

Of course Laura’s daughter rose was a famed writer of books and likewise worked at the newspaper in mountain Francisco. Her books are in my queue, also.

The book “West native Home: letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder, san Francisco, 1915”, surrounding Laura’s visit to climbed in 1915 in san Francisco. Ns loved this book, as I was born and raised in san Francisco. I was familiar with a most what she said in she letters around San Francisco and the just area. The publication is a series of letters from Laura to Almanzo.

Almanzo had actually a sister called Laura, so as to not confused the two, Almanzo and also Rose described Laura as Bess, not Beth as the TV display leads you come believe.

At the end of the 1915 letters book there are few of the recipes the Laura talks around and they are compiled right into a separate cookbook together well. One can use her publications as a survive guide! It defines in good detail exactly how to farm and also make points from scratch! that made a pioneer out of me and I learned come do numerous things choose that from scratch.

I thoroughly enjoyed each book. One really nice thing around the books in audio format for the blind, is the the narrator or reader sings every the songs in the books. This is great as you deserve to really gain to know the words and music. Over there is a little House song publication as well. I was surprised to hear a the majority of songs indigenous the books that my parents and grandparents sang often. Music was really important come the Ingalls and the Wilders. It was a main resource of entertain in those days.

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Laura did a great job of writing her books and they are very much loved by every ages. The definitive story that life in the late 1800’s as true pioneers. I extremely recommend it come anyone.