Shane Dawson is one of the most very respected YouTubers of every time. He is one of the only original “titans” the YouTube the has controlled to remain relevant and also continue come have substantial success through his content. His 13 year old channel has actually amassed over 16 million subscribers, and over 4.2 billion views. His contents is as great as ever, and also there is truly no finish in vision at this point.

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He isn’t recognized for crazy camera tricks or exceptional cinematography, however the top quality of his videos still continues to be professional. What camera go Shane Dawson usage to capture his lovable personality? us did all the research study to dig up the many recent cameras he’s been using, for this reason let’s acquire right into it!


1 What Camera go Shane Dawson usage Today?
What Camera walk Shane Dawson use Today?

As of late 2018, we can confirm that Shane Dawson has actually been making use of the Canon EOS 80D. Popular among other large creators prefer Casey Neistat and Liza Koshy, the 80D is one of the finest YouTubing cameras on the sector today.

This really popular mid-range DSLR is a favorite amongst vloggers for several reasons. The premium 45-point dual pixel autofocus and front-flippable LCD touch display are a need to for self-shooting.


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As we’ve mentioned numerous times on this site, 4k is unnecessary because that vlogs. It giant slows down your workflow and can it is in a ache to transaction with, especially without the ideal hardware. The 80D forgoes 4k to keep the price accessible, and administer the ideal 1080p top quality it can.

It functions a 24.2 CMOS sensor, and can even shoot slow motion footage at up to 60 frames per second, permitting you to obtain cinematic every once in for bit if you desire. The 80D is a great starter camera, but as YouTubers favor Shane have established, it might be the last camera you need as well.

What other Cameras has Shane Dawson Used?

Back in 2017, Shane offered the previous iteration, The Canon EOS 70D. While most YouTubers, choose Shane, have actually moved on come the 80D, the 70D is quiet a an extremely valid option if you’re looking to invest a small less money.


Before that he do his shorts through the Canon 5D mark III. This to be a greater end camera he frequently only lugged out once filming suitable shorts. The 5D is a much an ext expensive camera, popular mostly amongst videographer professionals. The top quality is arguably exceptional to either of the previous cameras, however, for the reasons stated before, the 80 and 70D room superior because that vlogging.

The screen on the 5D doesn’t flip out to confront the front, and also the auto focus capabilities aren’t as strong. If you’ve acquired a expert who is payment to follow you around and record you, this would certainly be the finest choice. If you’re filming yourself, pole with one of the other options. 

In the beforehand days of his YouTube career, Shane’s summary verifies the he at first recorded his vlogs through nothing but his iPhone. Save in mind that’s referring to an early generation iPhone, no an iphone phone X through a camera that can nearly match DSLR quality.

In Conclusion…

Even with the enormous success he’s completed today, Shane supplies a camera that might be taken into consideration by countless to it is in a mid-range device. Because that a YouTuber like him, as lengthy as his clip looks presentable, the doesn’t matter if it’s super cinematic.

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While the 80D would certainly be terrific camera for any type of YouTuber getting started, us think that if you’re wait to do videos, you must take a page out the Shane’s book and also just get started on her smartphone!

If you’d like to find out i beg your pardon cameras and also equipment other YouTubers provided to do a surname for themselves, check out our guides to well known YouTuber equipment.