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Love is eternal, or at least as long as the tree lasts. Scott Meis/Flickr, CC BY-ND


Practicality rules for this type. Logic is provided to identify compatibility and future prospects. This doesn’t mean that these people use one emotionless, Spock-like approach to their relationships, quite they a location a high prominence on whether a potential mate will be suitable to conference their needs.

These needs can be social or financial. Pragmatists could wonder if your prospective partner would be embraced by family and also friends, or whether they’re good with money. The might also evaluate their emotional assets; for example, walk a would-be partner have actually the an abilities to be patience in times of stress?


This refers to an obsessive love style. These individuals tend to be emotionally dependent and to need fairly constant reassurance in a relationship. Someone through this love format is likely to endure peaks of joy and also troughs that sorrow, depending on the extent to which their partner deserve to accommodate their needs.

Because that the possessiveness connected with this style, jealousy deserve to be an worry for this individuals.


Agapic individuals are giving and also caring, and also are centred on their partner’s needs. This is greatly a selfless and also unconditional love. One agapic companion will love you just as girlfriend are. But they will additionally be particularly appreciative of action of care and kindness the they receive back from your partner.

Perhaps due to the fact that these individuals are therefore accepting, they tend to have very high levels of connection satisfaction.

The truth around love

The kind of love that we feel towards our significant other is likely to adjust over time. In ~ the start of a partnership we feel anticipation around seeing our partner and also we room excited every time we view them.

These are the heady feelings us associate v being in love, and are an extremely characteristic that romantic love. But in almost all relationships, these intense emotions room not sustainable, and will fade end months to a pair of years.

Those passionate feelings will then be replaced by deeper link as the civilization in the partnership thrive to truly recognize each other. This phase is “companionate love” and also can critical a life time (or beyond).

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Unfortunately, many civilization do no realise that the development from romantic love to companionate love is a regular – and also indeed healthy – transition. Since the ardent feelings of adoration subside, sometimes civilization will think that they have fallen out of love, as soon as in reality the intimacy and closeness of companionate love have the right to be very powerful, if only offered the chance.

This is a shame, as these individuals can never suffer the life satisfaction that is associated with companionate love.