Yes, when they"re the end of phase. In straightforward terms, one wave has a crest while one more has a trough, lock cancel.

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Bees buzz b/c that the very fast price of the fluttering of their wings. This produce disturbances in the waiting medium, which leads to the buzzing sound
Sound from resource A has actually twice the frequency that sound from source B. Compare the wavelengths of sound from the 2 sources.
In Olympic competition, a microphone detects the sound that the starter"s gun and also sends that electrically to speakers at every runner"s starting block. Why?
Because the rate of sound is lot slower than the speed of electricity, this to reduce the split-second hold-up between firing the gun and the sound reaching the jogger furthest far from the gun.
If a bell is ringing within a bell jar, we deserve to no much longer hear it as soon as the air is pumped out, however we have the right to still watch it. What differences in the properties of sound and light does this indicate?
If the frequency that a sound is doubled, what change will happen in that is speed? What adjust happens to its wavelength?
The speed doesn"t change. Wavelength is speed/frequency, so if the frequency doubles and the speed stays the same, the wavelength is reduced in half.

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Why deserve to a tremor of the ground native a remote explosion be felt before the sound of the explosion deserve to be heard?
Ultrasonic waves have numerous applications in an innovation and medicine. One benefit is that big intensities have the right to be supplied without peril to the ear. What is another benefit of their short wavelength? (Why perform microscopists use blue light fairly than white irradiate to check out detail?)
- If an object is smaller than a wave"s wavelength, climate the wave will just defract around the object, instead of reflecting off of it (reflection allows you to check out objects). This is why objects smaller sized than the wavelength of visible light execute not have color and also cannot it is in seen with light microscopes.- So, the tiny wavelength of ultrasonic waves method that they have the right to reflect off of very tiny objects, allowing us to view them.
An echo is a reflect sound and thus, the intensity of one echo is much less than that of the original sound
Suppose a piano tuner hears 3 beats per 2nd when listening come the merged sound from a tuning fork and also the piano cable being tuned. After slightly tightening the string, 5 to win per 2nd are heard. Have to the string be loosened or tightened?
What is the wavelength that a 340-hz ton is air? What is the wavelength the a 34,000-hz ultrasonic tide in air?
- wavelength = velocity/frequency.- speed of sound is about 340 m/s, therefore the wavelength of a 340-hz ton is 340/340 ~1 m- of an ultrasonic wave: 340/34000 ~0.001 m or 1 mm
An oceanic depth-sounding vessel surveys the ocean bottom v ultrasonic tide that travel 1530 meters/second in seawater. Just how deep is the water directly listed below the courage if the time hold-up of the echo come the ocean floor and earlier is 6 seconds?


Engineering Electromagnetics (Irwin electronic devices & computer system Enginering)8th EditionJohn Buck, william Hayt