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What is a properties of a fault tolerant network?

a network the protects confidential info from unauthorized accessa network that deserve to expand easily to support brand-new users and applications there is no impacting the power of the business delivered to existing usersa network the supports a system for managing congestion and also ensuring reliable shipment of contents to every usersa network that recovers conveniently when a failure occurs and also depends ~ above redundancy to border the impact of a failure

Three financial institution employees room using the this firm network. The first employee supplies a web web browser to see a agency web page in bespeak to read some announcements. The 2nd employee accesses the this firm database to execute some gaue won transactions. The 3rd employee participates in vital live audio conference with various other corporate supervisors in branch offices. If QoS is enforced on this network, what will certainly be the priorities from highest to lowest of the various data types?

audio conference, jae won transactions, internet pagefinancial transactions, web page, audio conferenceaudio conference, internet page, jae won transactionsfinancial transactions, audio conference, net page

What is a advantage of making use of cloud computing in networking?

End users have the flexibility to use personal tools to accessibility information and communicate across a organization network.Network capability are prolonged without requiring invest in new infrastructure, personnel, or software.Technology is integrated into every-day appliances permitting them come interconnect with other devices, do them an ext ‘smart’ or automated.Home networking uses existing electrical wiring to attach devices to the network wherever over there is an electric outlet, conserving the cost of installation data cables.

What is the duty of the covering in one OS?

It interacts through the maker hardware.It interfaces in between the users and the kernel.It provides devoted firewall services.It provides the intrusion security services for the device.

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Which connection provides a certain CLI session through encryption come a Cisco switch?

a console connectionan AUX connectiona Telnet connectionan SSH connection

A network technician is attempting come configure an interface by entering the complying with command: SanJose(config)# ip deal with The command is rejected by the device. What is the reason for this?

The command is being entered from the wrong mode of operation.The command syntax is wrong.The subnet mask details is incorrect.The user interface is shutdown and also must be allowed before the switch will accept the IP address.

An administrator offers the Ctrl-Shift-6 key mix on a move after issuing the ping command. What is the purpose of utilizing these keystrokes?

to restart the ping processto interrupt the ping processto exit to a different configuration modeto enable the user to complete the command

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring accessibility control to move SW1. If the administrator offers a console connection to connect to the switch, i m sorry password is essential to access user EXEC mode?

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