in the reasonably oddparents wiki it states tina and tom or something choose that but its unbeileveable. Also, in poltergeeks, mrsturner is referred to as Barnaby

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THEIR names is Mrs.Turner and also Mr.Turner ;) lock don"t really have names. Also in "The secret Origin that Denzel Crocker" castle were referred to as "Mom" and "Dad" (nicknames) and in the scripts: link
It"s a running gag that we don"t recognize their names, and also probably never ever will.I like to imagine the their names space Daran and Susanne.
On the episode where Timmy to be to be shiped off to Cocker"s melitery His parents signed the on slide "TIMMY"S MOM" "TIMYS DAD"
their names room unknown. Yet people just contact them mom and dad or mr. And also msr. Turner. Nickelodeon should not want human being knowing their names.
in the episode referred to as "Poltergeeks" his mom is vanabi (weird...) and his dad is mommy (even an ext weird & stupid 보다 barnaby... :P) that"s the just thing ns got due to the fact that whenever they carry out his parental names, the gets covered up :P.

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Not learning the Turner parents" surname is just a running hoax in the show. Occasionally I think the writters are simply too lazy to think increase names (I mean that in the nicest, many jokingly means :p) however they need to be short considering the names have the right to be said in the half second that is takes for a according to truck to happen by. Numerous beleive the names start with T since of the entirety alliteration thing Timmy has with his name. No a negative theory.As far as the totality Barnaby thing goes, what I read that that was NOT expected to be Mrs. Turner"s very first name, but I don"t know just how credible this sourse was. I myself choose to beleive this is she name and that the may have something to carry out with both her parents gift from Ustinkestan (forgive spelling) however I am likely to it is in wrong.Fact is, no one yes, really knows and it"s really likely we never will. Possibly if we"re lucky, and ask the creator enough(ask nicely, and don"t an insect him too much;) ) he might put that in an illustration or make a twitter write-up or something. Until then, i think it"s really simply up come the audiences" creativity :)