Jesus and John the Baptist had a one-of-a-kind relationship, follow to the Bible. However what’s the extent of that relationship? were they more than simply cousins?

The brand-new Testament accounts present interaction between Jesus and also John the Baptist and the overlap of their stories. In fact, Jesus and John the Baptist have actually a lot in common.

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Who Was john the Baptist?

Matthew 3 defines John the Baptist as someone preaching repentance in the Judean desert. Based on the method he is described, it appears John was all business.

Matthew 3:4 claims that “John’s clothing were do of camel’s hair, and he had a animal leather belt around his waist. His food to be locusts and wild honey.”

John the Baptist’s message and also ministry were relatively popular, according to the Bible. It states in Matthew 3:5-6: “Then the world of Jerusalem and all Judea were going out to him, and all the region along the Jordan, and they were i was baptized by the in the flow Jordan, confessing your sins.”

John publicly proclaimed the Jesus to be the Messiah the Jewish human being had been wait for. The Bible argues that John worked in the spirit of the prophet Elijah.

The Hebrew name John, Yohanan (יוֹחָנָן), method “God is gracious.”

Before Jesus and also John the Baptist to be Born

But walk farther back, the scriptures shows that Jesus’ mom Mary is a family member of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is man the Baptist’s mother. The bible doesn’t explicitly explain Elizabeth as Mary’s “cousin.” Instead, the hatchet “relative” or “kinswoman” (sungenis, συγγενίς) is used. Many scholars seem to agree that the usage of this term shows that Mary and Elizabeth to be cousins.

After mary learns the she is come miraculously come to be pregnant v the Christ-child, she access time Elizabeth. Strangely, Elizabeth’s kid — john the Baptist — gets really excited ~ above Mary’s arrival.

Luke 1:41-44 states: “When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the infant leaped in her womb, and also Elizabeth was filled with the divine Spirit. In a according to voice she exclaimed: ‘Blessed space you amongst women, and also blessed is the son you will bear! but why am ns so favored, the the mommy of my mr should pertained to me? As quickly as the sound of your greeting got to my ears, the baby in mine womb leaped because that joy.”

While we recognize that Jesus was very special, we likewise see an extremely early ~ above that man the Baptist to be no simple child either. John’s uniqueness was likely tied to the truth that he to be “filled v the divine Spirit even before he born” (Luke 1:15).

The holy bible tells us that Elizabeth was already around six month pregnant by the moment Mary arrived. It’s feasible Mary witnessed and also even aided Elizabeth’s delivery, because the bible says she continued to be with her cousin for 3 months.

Jesus and John the Baptist’s Miraculous Conceptions

Both Jesus and also John the Baptist gain a thorough telling of your conceptions. Due to the fact that of the Christmas tradition, human being are familiar with Mary’s strange conception. John’s parents, ~ above the other hand, conceived through much more traditional means.

John’s birth was taken into consideration a miracle due to the fact that his parental were past the child-bearing age and also Elizabeth couldn’t have children anyway. Luke 1:7 claims that despite they were favored by God, “they were childless since Elizabeth was not able come conceive, and also they were both really old.”

So in reality, Zechariah and Elizabeth have to not have had actually a child.


Further, because John’s dad Zechariah wondered about the news he to be told by Gabriel, the very same angel that spoke to Mary, he was temporarily cursed with muteness.

Although John’s birth came about through classic means, it definitely qualifies as miraculous.

Jesus aided by man the Baptist’s Ministry

Although Jesus and John the Baptist to be related and also their job-related seems to overlap, the Bible’s gospel accounts execute not show them together often. In fact, the only time Jesus and also John the Baptist are put in the same ar is once John baptizes Jesus.

Is it possible Jesus invested time with John the Baptist as among his followers, like virgin Mary spent time v Elizabeth? maybe John invested some time mentoring his young cousin, without yet realizing who he really was. If Jesus and John the Baptist spent much more time with each other than is shown in the Bible, reportedly it wasn’t important enough to be contained in the accounts.

John the Baptist start his windy ministry prior to Jesus started his appears to be crucial in regards to preparing the people. Through John’s set of proclamation about a coming Savior and also the need to have actually one’s guilty washed away, the world were ready to think about Jesus together that Savior.

While the civilization were feather to man the Baptist together a overview to their salvation, the made it clear the Jesus was higher than himself. He told his followers that it was natural that an ext people to be interested in Jesus, speak in john 3:30, “He must become greater; i must come to be less.”

Both Jesus and John the Baptist dice Violently

Continuing their patterns of similarity, both Jesus and also John the Baptist died unnatural deaths. As Christians psychic every year during Easter, Jesus was executed through the roman inn Empire. The setting of execution was crucifixion, claimed to it is in a an extremely painful and prolonged means the death. In addition, Jesus was beaten by roman soldiers prior to he to be crucified.

John the Baptist to be killed before Jesus to be crucified. He might not have actually suffered as much as his young cousin.

John sparked the ire that Herodias because of his windy condemnation of her marriage to Herod Antipas. Herod Antipas to be her previous husband’s brother. Eventually, man was arrested by Antipas and also beheaded. The scriptures doesn’t indicate if john was to win or tortured prior to his beheading, so it’s likely his fatality was swift.

The new Testament tells us where Jesus’ body was buried. Yet no cite is made of wherein John the Baptist’s body, or his severed head, to be buried. We are simply told in Matthew 14:2 “John’s disciples came and took his body and buried it.”

Upon hear of John’s death, the next verse states that Jesus “withdrew by boat privately come a solitary place.”

Jesus apparently took the fatality of his cousin come heart, as john had devoted his life to preparing the civilization for his arrival. Probably the two had even spent a most time with each other as children and were specifically close. Either way, the holy bible makes it clear Jesus and John the Baptist were not just ministry “rivals” or partners. They were related, too, likely cousins.

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