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I don"t understand the density of jet fuel, but I know a gallon that water weights around 8.3 pounds. It need to be somewhere close come there.Harry
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Interestingly enough the density of Jet-A varies significantly around the world. The areas in the people with the highest usual fuel density is ~ above the united state East and West coast and the lowest density fuel is found in Southeast and also Australiasia. Because that each individual trip operation fuel thickness is measured and also density is calculated, climate the ideal amount is metered right into the aircrafts fuel tanks. As I claimed fuel density vaires by an ar and typically can range from 6.55 come 6.80 lbs/USG. That is a large variation in forced fuel volume when you think about that a .1/b/USG variation method a difference of up to 1,000 gallons ~ above a 747 loaded up because that a 6,000nm trip!-widebodyphotog
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so I likewise have question, I have heard talk of varing densities of jet fuel supplying varing performance so exactly how much sports is over there in the number prefer is it always within .1lbs or is it an ext signifigant than that.
Quoting Widebodyphotog (Reply 4):Interestingly enough the density of Jet-A varies significantly approximately the world. The locations in the world with the highest typical fuel density is on the united state East and also West coast and also the lowest density fuel is found in Southeast and Australiasia. To include to what Widebodyphotog has stated, weight of fuel different from location to place and is dependent on its details gravity. Together an approximation 1000kgs the Jet-A1 is indistinguishable to 1251 liters.rgds//Vimanav
Quoting M404 (Reply 3):Yup. 6.8 lbs pg is the round number we always usedQuoting Nonfirm (Reply 5):We usage 6.7 6.5...6.6....6.7...6.8..... All the means up to 7.0...... Depending on the exterior temperature
A quick means to transform from pounds to gallons is to take ten percent that the total number of pounds, then take half of the and include it to the ten percent. You will certainly be extremely close. Ex - 4000lbs. 10% = 400. Half of the is 200. Including them together yields 600 gallons. Acquisition the calculator and also dividing 4000 by 6.7 offers me 597 gallons. So while it isn"t specific you obtain pretty suturing close.

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At my various other job, I frequently get come fuel trip 58, a DC-10 MEM-AMS. The adhering to is native the fuel receipt native the day the I had the highest total once fueling to be completed: STA: MEM A/C: 1237 Flight: 58 16 Sept. 06 Dispatch-------------------Before-------------After 40100-------Left Wing-------9850------------40250 55300-------Upper Aux.---------0------------56600 64400-------Center----------9700------------63500 40100-------Right Wing------9750------------40400 Totals---199900lbs.-------------------24300lbs.--------200750lbs. Fuel Density: 6.60Total U.S. Gallons: 25934Time Begin: 17:14 Time end 18:12The center tank nearly always shuts turn off (tops out) early, because of this we add the remaining to the upper aux. We have actually a 400 lb. Overshoot window for the NWA narrow-body A/C in MEM. We usually shot to provide them a little more than what castle want, no complaints for this reason far! ~ above the 10, we usually offer 400 -1200 more than what they dispatched.