Your car’s internal burning engine release exhaust gas as part of its normal operation. If this gases were to remain in the engine, it might be very dangerous. However, the is simply as alarming as soon as you watch something various other than gases coming the end of the exhaust, such as water. What are few of the reasons of water coming or dripping the end of the exhaust?

In some cases, the water is considered a common byproduct of the operation. However, there are other times as soon as you should take the leaking liquid seriously and have it confirm out.

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causes of Water is Dripping the end of your Tailpipe
expense to resolve Water coming from the Exhaust

Causes of Water is Dripping out of her Tailpipe

Water CondensationCatalytic Converter CondensationHead Gasket FailureBroken EGR coolerDefective Pistons or Rings

These reasons are the fast list that the main causes of water dripping native the exhaust pipe. Let us take a an ext in-depth look right into the most common causes.

1. Water Condensation


Worn-out piston rings or a negative piston only cause water come come from the tail pipeline if the head gasket is also blown or there is currently condensation in the exhaust. Additionally, negative pistons and rings deserve to lead to other symptoms.

You might an alert a sooty exhaust, oily residue comes from the exhaust or blue smoke. One of two people way, friend don’t desire to continue driving with bad pistons or rings.

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Cost to settle Water coming from the Exhaust

If the water is led to by regular condensation, there’s nothing to repair. However, both a blown head gasket and also defective pistons or rings need to be encountered immediately.

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The cost to repair a swollen head gasket is in between $1,000 and also $2,000, yet not because of the parts. Instead, this fix takes a long time, top to higher labor charges. Additionally, the cost to replace defective pistons and also rings is in between $1,000 and also $5,000, mainly because of just how labor-intensive the task is. If either of these instances is left unresolved, it will bring about needing a finish engine replacement.