In this guide, you will discover about Volkswagen check Engine irradiate (CEL) and also common troubles that cause the VW engine light to remain on.

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You will additionally find step-by-step instructions on reading VW examine engine irradiate codes yourself utilizing an OBD-II scanner.



What girlfriend may an alert when your VW inspect Engine Light remains on.

VW Engine running RoughEngine Misfire / vehicle ShakingReduction or lack of powerPoor accelerator responseUnusual sound from the engineSmoke indigenous the exhaustVW examine engine irradiate blinkingEngine idles high

A examine engine light on your VW is indicating miscellaneous is wrong through the power of the engine.

Common Causes

Faulty oxygen sensorBad spark plugs Ignition coilsMass air flow (MAF) sensorEVAP leak such as loose gas capCatalytic converterVacuum leak

These are the most typical problems that cause the check engine irradiate on a Volkswagen.

There room hundreds of possible problems the can cause the inspect engine irradiate on a Volkswagen. To discover out why your examine engine light is on, read the fault codes. 

 How to review Volkswgeen error codes


Below friend will find instructions on exactly how to read VW Diagnostic trouble Codes (DTC). Perform not clear the codes without fixing the difficulty first.

What you will certainly need


Locate one ODB harbor in your VW - that is commonly under the dashboard on the driver"s side.
Plugin your OBD2 scan tool and also let it attach to the car. Turn the auto ignition on so the your dashboard illuminates (don"t rotate the engine on).
Scan for error codes. Save codes, or create them down. Study the codes and what might be bring about the problem in her VW.
Fix the problem.Reconnect the scanner and select Clear Codes come reset the VW engine light.Turn the ignition off and also wait for number of seconds. Revolve the engine on and also check to make certain the check engine light is off.

Common troubles Explained

The examine Engine irradiate on her Volkswagen (Jetta, Passat, Golf, Tiguan, etc.) can come on for countless reasons, consisting of defective mass airflow sensor, bad thermostat, engine temperature sensor, brief in main wire harness, vacuum leak, worn spark plugs and failed ignition coils.

Let"s take it a look at few of the most usual problems that reason VW inspect engine light to come on.

Gas Cap


A loose gas cap can cause a Volkswagen engine irradiate to rotate on. Make certain you tighten the gas cap until you hear that click. If you check out the codes, still acquire a code for EVAP device leak, examine or change the gas cap.

Sometimes the seal have the right to crack and also not seal the fuel tank properly. You deserve to drive the vehicle, and the light will certainly reset after ~ a few driving cycles. Or use an OBD2 Scanner to reset the password yourself.

Spark Plugs



Worn spark plugs are an additional common trouble that cause VW inspect engine irradiate to come on. Generally you should adjust your VW spark plugs in ~ the 90,000-mile mark. Volkswagen owners regularly forget to perform this maintenance and end up with CEL coming on about the 120,000-mile mark.

Oxygen Sensor



Bad O2 sensors are another common factor VW check engine light comes on. The oxygen sensors top top Volkswagen vehicles frequently fail in the 80,000 to the 100,000-mile range.

Volkswagens aren"t the just cars experiencing from oxygen sensor issues. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota, and Honda battle to make oxygen sensors the last forever.

Ignition Coil

Volkswagens are famed for ignition coils generally failing in your four-cylinder 1.8 and 2.0T engines. In part cases, also a brand new ignition coil can malfunction or last less than 10,000 miles.

When VW ignition coils fail, the check engine light will flash on and also off, the engine will shake, add to you will have negative throttle response. As soon as reading the codes with an OBD2 scanner, girlfriend will get codes such together P0300, P0301, P0302.

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Volkswagen engine coolant temperature sensor deserve to fail, triggering check engine irradiate to come on. Replacing the temperature sensor is a an easy DIY resolve that countless VW owners have the right to perform at home.

If her Volkswagen check engine irradiate is repeatedly ON, it have the right to be due to hundreds of possible issues. Girlfriend will should read the codes with an OBD2 scanner. The difficulty can be something as basic as a loosened fuel tank cap, a bad spark plug, however it can also indicate a major engine problem.

VW examine Engine light Flashing

When your Volkswagen inspect engine irradiate is flashing, it way the onboard diagnostic system has detected a misfire. This is because of fuel not getting shed in the cylinder. This trouble is generally caused through a bad spark plug or ignition coil. Yet it can additionally be one indication of a blown head gasket or clogged catalytic converter.

Flashing examine engine irradiate is a definitive authorize of abnormal combustion. Never disregard your VW engine irradiate or journey the vehicle for prolonged time, especially if her Volkswagen CEL is flashing.

Driving a Volkswagen through a flashing inspect engine light might have a disastrous effect on her engine and also catalytic converter. If the engine overheats, pull over and also turn turn off the car. Never ever drive her VW tough or also moderately if your check Engine light flashes.

Should ns Drive with check Engine light On? 



If your VW is still running fine v CEL on, in general, you can proceed your drive. Friend should adjust your driving style, be moderate, and also don"t press it to high revs.

Pay fist to anything the end of the ordinary regarding how her engine works, including warning lights on the dashboard. Look for smoke from exhaust, rattle or knocking native the engine bay or climbing engine temperature.

If her engine displays any of the prior to mentioned symptoms, you must not dive it. Return you may travel a short distance, drives longer than number of miles are an pure no-no.

Frequently request Questions


Why is a inspect engine irradiate in my VW on?

The car uses a examine engine light to warn you the something is not working properly. Problems are usually pertained to fuel injection and also ignition device or emission control systems.


Can ns drive mine VW through a inspect engine light on?

A examine engine light top top its own doesn"t median that you have to stop and also call the tow truck. If your car runs normally, you can drive your car. Have it checked as quickly as possible, though.

So, if her VW operation rough, misfires, or emits black, white, or blue smoke from the exhaust, you have to not drive it.


What walk a flashing inspect Engine irradiate on mine VW mean?

Flashing check engine light shows misfire. This is an extremely damaging for her engine and also catalytic converter. Instantly ease off the throttle, together this will likely stop the misfire. If the flashing continues, pull over and also turn off the engine.


Why is mine VW examine engine light on and off?

If your examine engine light is blinking ON and also OFF, this method you have actually a misfire. A misfiring engine will damage your catalytic converter quickly, so automatically ease off the throttle. If this go not prevent misfire, pull over and also turn turn off the engine.


How deserve to I accessibility error codes on mine VW"s plank computer?

Unfortunately, error codes deserve to not be viewed through a board computer. The only way to read the stored codes is by utilizing a scan tool. You have the right to visit your dealer or an independent workshop, or you have the right to buy your very own scan tool.


Are every scan devices expensive?

If you search for scan tools, you will find various scan tools v a hefty price tag. This is usually experienced equipment. As an amateur or DIY, you deserve to go through cheaper and simpler versions. If you have actually a smartphone, Bluetooth ODB2 readers space the ideal option. Lock are very cheap, tiny and basic to use.


How deserve to I recognize what the error password mean?

Depending on the scan tool you have, you usually get a code without any written explanation. Especially if you have actually a cheap scan tool, yet, this is more than enough. Just search that code and also your auto on the net or forums.


What go the VW inspect engine password p0411 mean?

Error code P0411 suggests Incorrect flow in the secondary Air Injection system (SAI). This is an emission manage system that supplies an waiting pump to circulation fresh air into the exhaust system. Usual fail points space pump, hoses, or check valve. A damaged exhaust system can cause this error, as well.


VW check engine light, no codes?

If you have a examine Engine light, yet there are no stored codes, this usually method that your scan tool deserve to only read generic powertrain codes. This is usually the case with cheaper OBD2 readers. VW has additional certain codes that can be accessed by more committed scan tools.

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What could cause VW check engine light after one oil change?

An oil adjust can not cause a inspect Engine light. If it came on instantly after the oil change was done, probably some sensor or connector was unintentionally unplugged throughout this process.