(n.) a deep or bottomless pit (SYN) chasm,gorge (ANT) summit, promontory, pinnacle
befall(v.) come happen, occur; to take place to (SYN) pertained to pass
crucial(adj.) of supreme importance, decisive,critical (SYN) pivotal, an essential (ANT) insignificant, inconsequential
dregs(n. Pl.) the last remaining part; the component of leaast worth (SYN) grounds, lees,residue,leftovers (ANT) elite, top crust, cream of the crop
embody(v.) come give type to; come incorporate, include; personify (SYN) encompass
exasperate(v.) come irritate, annoy, or fury (SYN) vex, try one's patience (ANT) soothe, mollify, please, delight
fiasco(n.) the finish collapse or fail of a project (SYN) disaster, flop, bomb
garnish(v.) come adorn or decorate, especially food (n.) an ornament or decoration, especially for food (SYN) embellish, gussy up
heritage(n.) one inheritance; a birthright (SYN) legacy, descent, pedigree
inert(adj.) lifeless, can not to relocate or act; slow, inactive (SYN) motionless, sluggish, lethargic (ANT) vigorous, energetic, volitile, lively
mercenary(adj.) exhilaration or working for self-gain just (n.) a rental soldier, a soldier of happiness (SYN) (adj.) grasping, avarice (ANT) (adj.) unselfish, disinterested, altruistic
negligent(adj.) significant by carelessness or indifference; failing to do what need to be excellent (SYN) careless, neglectful, remiss, derelict (ANT) careful, attentive, conscientious
oblivion(n.) forgetfulness, disregard; a state of gift forgotten; an amnesty, general pardon (SYN) obscurity, nothingness (ANT) fame, renown, celebrity
opus(n.) an outstanding piece of work, specifically a musical composition or other job-related of arts (SYN) work, composition,piece, oeuvre
pallid(adj.) pale, doing not have color; weak and lifeless (SYN) colorless,bloodless, ashen, dull (ANT) ruddy, sanguine, racy, colorful
parable(n.) a quick narrative designed to teach a moral lesson (SYN) ethical tale, fable, allegory
rational(adj.) based on reasoning; may be to manipulate reason; sensible, reasonable (SYN) logical (ANT) mad, insane,illogical, absurd
reciprocal(adj.) shared; including give-and-take between two persons or things; functioning in both direction (n.) (math) a number that, when multiplied by an additional number, equals one (SYN) (adj.) mutual (ANT) (adj.) one-sided, unilateral
stricture(n.) a limitation or restriction; a criticism; (medicine) a narrowing the a i in the body (SYN) restraint (ANT) compliment, praise, accolade, swelling
veneer(n.) a thin external layer; a surface ar appearance or decoration (v.) come cover v a slim layer (SYN) (n.) facing, overlay, facade, pretense (ANT) (n.) nucleus, inner core