This indict will present you how and also where to access your save papers while utilizing a GBA emulator. This guide will cover 3 of the most renowned emulators for running GBA games: Visual young Advance, NO$GBA (Computer), and My young! (Android). This guide assumes the you have actually already set up and also played one of these emulators at least once. Scroll under to her emulator the choice.

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This is not a setup guide. This overview is meant to show where to discover or inject your save files.


Visual boy Advance:

1. Navigate to the folder that your games are situated in.

2. Open up the folder and also your save must be inside with the very same name as your wanted game through the record extension (.SAV) rather of the paper extension (.GBA)

3. Make A back-up OF THIS document BEFORE making use of OR editing IT WITH any type of SAVE EDITORS.





1. Navigate to the folder the NO$GBA is located in. Then open the folder referred to as "BATTERY"


2. Inside the "BATTERY" folder should be your conserve files.

3. Do A back-up OF THIS document BEFORE utilizing OR modifying IT WITH any type of SAVE EDITORS


4. Return the save type given through NO$GBA shows up to be the conventional (.SAV) record type, all saves created and used through NO$GBA will should be convert to the appropriate (.SAV) paper type come maximize compatibility with emulators, programs such together PKHeX, and also reduce possible errors you may encounter.



My Boy!:

1. One of two people plug your Android machine into your computer system or open a record browser on your Android device

2. Navigate to the "MyBoy" folder on her Android machine (normally located on the device memory no the SD-Card)


3. Open the "MyBoy" folder. Then open the "save" folder


4. Inside the "save" folder need to be your conserve files.

5. Make A back-up OF THIS record BEFORE using OR editing and enhancing IT WITH any SAVE EDITORS.


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