Your old coin is worth much more than a pass glance, precise 1898 Indian head penny value is identified only after a mindful examination of its condition. Additional down the page side by side grading pictures highlight the different stages of wear found on this old coins and points come the various values.

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Condition dram the number one function in deciding just how much her old Indian penny is worth. Yes there room rare dates and rare mintmarks, both important, but it’s the subtle differences in condition that possibly raises the worth of any type of coin.

Pictured is one 1898 coin still in the problem is left the mint. All of the original style is visible, none has been decreased by wear. Collectors refer to this coin together "uncirculated" and also examples in this condition kind the to mark to any type of collection of Indian pennies.

Make it a point to evaluate how well your coin has survived and the quantity of information remaining. One example: if the ribbon throughout her hair just above the neckline is still visible your coin is over average in condition and also value. Determine precise 1898 Indian head penny value, the ar on "grading" is simply after the worth chart.

1898 Indian Head coin ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1898 Indian Head Penny value Updated2021
1898 $1.74 $2.60 $9 $35

Rare surviving 1898 Indian Penny

It is obvious the gem quality problem of this coin. Bright gold luster, no clearly shows blemishes, one of two people nicks or darkness come the copper. Only on rarely occasions does an old coin make it through so nice. With just a few of this top quality remaining and the huge number that collectors the worth is always strong. A remarkable coin the would improve any advanced collection of Indian pennies.

Featured in a David Lawrence rare coin auction, bidding raised the worth of this gem 1898 Indian penny to $678. Your box of old coins must be tackled carefully. Many Indian coin collections assembled long earlier and now discovered by today"s generation have actually the potential of yielding high great examples.

The coin pictured highlights the must evaluate this old coins carefully. 1898 is no a rare date in the series, only by intentionally judging problem are those with higher value collection apart.


It’s vital to Grade your 1898 Indian Penny

Few of these old 1898 Indian pennies remain today in over average condition. The need for higher quality survivors creates a doubling or much more in value for the nicer coins. Referee the "grade" and also value group of her coin by comparing it come the images and descriptions.


Uncirculated: For a coin to grade "uncirculated" and also at the peak of 1898 Indian head penny value no wear is existing to that surfaces. Close check is made to the ends of the feathers, hair and headband above her eyebrow and cheek and also neck. These locations are the highest parts the the design and in the case of the neck and also cheek, conveniently show any kind of wear. You are looking for a slim flattening to the typical roundness the the designs. Rotate the coin at an edge to girlfriend eye. Wear shows up as a different shade in the metal, compared to the surrounding non abraded surface.


Extremely Fine: Sharply identified describes this grade. You have to look near to uncover the small amount that wear current on the hair just above the ear. Notification a slight flattening come the cheek below her eye, and also the ribbon trailing listed below her headdress. In its entirety a pretty coin with a satisfaction appearance.


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Fine: Highest parts of the design, cheek, neckline and also headband are visibly worn, and somewhat flat. However, all major details continue to be clear, denote an 1898 Indian coin in good condition. Roundness of her cheek and also chin has actually worn away. Along the ago of her neck most fine details separating the hair curls space blended into one. Providing your coin definition the central area that the headdress is well identified with the headband and feathers separated. In its entirety a bold, center worn photo remains.

Good: Heavy wear reducing the style to simply an outline defines an Indian penny in "good" condition. Normally protected by the line of the shoulder, no evidence of a beaded necklace is visible at the base of the neck. Once finely detailed feather and also headband are now worn essentially smooth. Return recognizable through date and as an Indian penny, all major elements forming the style have merged. However, if a little amount the roundness is clearly shows to her challenge your 1898 Indian head penny value is slightly higher.