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Rock band is a series of rhythm-based video games through controllers the resemble music instruments. While every absent Band video game has cheat codes that unlock extra content, there are some basic tips to monitor for every entries in the franchise.

These cheats and tips apply broadly to the rock Band gamings on many platforms including the game stations 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.



Rock band Cheat password

Each absent Band game has distinctive cheat codes that carry out various bonuses and also unlockables. For example, to usage the unlock all songs cheat in Rock tape 1, push the complying with buttons on the guitar regulate at the location screen: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue.

Since the gamings have distinct controllers that are basically the exact same for all consoles, many of the password work throughout all platforms, for this reason cheats because that Rock tape 2 ~ above PS3 also work in Rock tape 2 top top Xbox 360. Above guides for each individual video game for list of Rock tape cheat codes.

Visualize the On-Screen etc as a Highway

Think of the on-screen guitar neck together a highway in prior of you. The variety of lanes varies relying on the difficulty setting the the game. On Easy, you'll use the left 3 lanes (Green, Red, and also Yellow). Top top Medium, you'll also use the Blue lane. Up to this point, there is no must "switch lanes" because your fingers deserve to reach any kind of of the upcoming stress buttons without repositioning your hand. As soon as you move to Hard and Expert difficulties, you have to learn exactly how to move lanes.

Since Rock tape is a spin-off the the guitar Hero series, many of this tips additionally apply come those games as well.

Hammer Those note (Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs)

The smaller sized notes on the board deserve to be hammered on. All you do is slam your finger on the correct button; you don't should strum these notes. Then, begin strumming again once the next consistent note comes up. This an approach may feel a little awkward in ~ first, but it come in handy on Hard and also Expert difficulties.

A smaller note to the ideal of a constant note is hammered-on. A smaller note to the left of a continuous note is a pull-off. Both are performed the exact same way.

Communicate and also Use Overdrive together a Team

Unlike guitar Hero, getting 5 stars top top every tune in rock Band requires cooperation between players. Different instruments have various capabilities, so knowledge everyone's duty is crucial.

For example, while the drummer and also vocalist cannot go into overdrive whenever they want, the guitarist and also bassist can. Therefore, as soon as the vocalist or drummer goes into overdrive, either the bassist or guitarist (or both) should get in overdrive together well. This maximizes everyone's multiplier enabling for a greater score and also makes a five-star performance simpler to achieve.

usage Overdrive to save Band Mates

Before you use overdrive, check to see just how your bandmates room doing. Once you use overdrive, you make the fans more tolerant the errors, which helps you and/or your bandmates stay on stage longer if they room struggling. Must a bandmate fall, overdrive deserve to be provided to bring them back.

watch Up and Look ahead

Instead that looking at each keep in mind individually, look at sets of upcoming note and shot to see them as various patterns. Also, don't look at the individual notes as they pass the target line. Instead, hear to the sounds of the notes as you beat them, and continue come play the very same patterns as they approach.

position the guitar Controller correctly

A properly positioned guitar deserve to make the difference between a five-star performance and also a four-star performance. The an essential to placing the guitar is that it should be perpendicular native the ground, and also it have to be steadied by either the strap or your knee if seated.

move Your whole Hand

Don't stretch her pinky finger to reach the Orange button on Hard and also Expert mode. Instead, relocate your hand follow to the upcoming notes fairly than reaction to them once they're ready to it is in played. Your strumming arm must steady the guitar slightly if needed.

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discover to be sure

Playing top top the harder challenges requires you to be all set for every little thing notes come next. Just like learning the genuine guitar or bass, the means to do this is come relax, take it breaks, and make sure to keep breathing. If you gain frustrated, you'll just make more mistakes.

Calibrate Your mechanism

Calibration is done immediately with guitars designed for Rock tape 2 and later. If you have an earlier version that the etc controller: