In high school I attended USSD for about 8 months and i honestly didn't feel any progression or also much confidence in my ability to protect myself. Ns was wonder if anyone else had actually a comparable experience or just know far better than me around their program.

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I take into consideration it a McDojo. Took a semester in college. Felt prefer I was being offered a product. Continuous mentioning of your "special (read: paid for) partnership with the Shaolin Temple. Maybe USSD has good instructors here and also there, but their business model leaves a negative taste in my mouth.

ABSOLUTELY a McDojo. My fiancee studied there for 7 years prior to switching over to a classic kung fu school and also she learned next to nothing. She couldn't safeguard herself to conserve her life, and she continuous felt favor they just wanted her there for the money.

I to be an instructor in few of their north California schools back in the nineties. The Villari kempo mechanism that they teach is okay, but nothing yes, really special, and back then they had actually a couple of really good instructors. The key thing come know around them is the the whole organization is totally focused on do money at any cost. Us were compelled to to buy all provides at inflated rates through the parental company, compelled to purchase a certain number of overpriced college student manuals every month whether we required them or not, etc.

Word about the camp fire was that Charles Mattera basically did a enemy takeover the a bunch the Fred Villari schools and also moved the mass of the operation to the west coast. Villari's surname was never talked without looking end one's shoulder, and they made a Nick Cerio lineage by basically paying that to provide Mattera an 8th dan and shihan title at a huge event. My knowledge is that professor Cerio basically had actually nothing to perform with them before or after ~ that. Most of the institutions were investor owned, and also they had an "instructors college" collection up come train up black color belts with simple business skills as quickly as possible. Owner / operators were rare. Ns paid prefer 2500 bucks and worked for free for over two years to do this program...I know, i know. Ns "earned" my an initial dan in 3 years and took end a school that same year, once I to be 19 year old. So, yeah. It acquired to the point in norcal where they would recruit black belts from other systems and give them a crash food in the kempo system and put lock in a school due to the fact that they were marketing franchises quicker than they can train instructors. It to be pretty sad. Few of those males were an excellent instructors, and also skilled in the styles that they had trained in, yet it was all around selling those $100k franchises.

It all came crashing under in norcal roughly the year 2000. First the norcal VP quit sending money to headquarters and tried come break far by transforming "his" colleges to Karate International. The was basically the same scenario as the Villari vs. Mattera separation that began the totality thing. Then there to be some issues with franchise licensing and also taxes that were a little shady. A few schools stuck to USSD and stayed open, some went independent, and also a bunch of castle closed. I'm pretty sure all of the investors got burned. Native what ns hear USSD is tho going strong in southerly California and other areas, and from what i hear they are still squeezing every possible penny the end of everyone they can gain their hands on. Oh, and also the entirety Shaolin thing is fully contrived. They very first went over there in the so late 90s IIRC. Ns guess that they needed someone to promote Mattera to ninth or 10th dan or every little thing he is claiming once professor Cerio quit play along.

I should point out that some of this details is anecdotal, and I was not privy to the inside circle that the organization. So it is certainly possible that i have obtained some things wrong or missed a couple of details. Ns am absolutely biased and even a tiny bitter so my check out is probably not entirely objective. I have actually tried to surname as couple of people as possible, and also I absolutely don't average to slander anyone. Ns can, however, personal attest to the truth that the society of that organization was nearly exclusively money driven, and nothing I've heard during the intervening years provides me think the anything has readjusted in that regard.

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TLDR; If you uncover a an excellent instructor, walk for it. However, don't work-related for them, and expect castle to try and take as lot of her money together they can.