About the Book

Just nineteen years old, Henry Forester is the youngest pilot in his Air pressure squadron. Still, he’s among their best fliers, dealing with Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the war-torn skies over France. But when his aircraft is shot under on a mission behind adversary lines, Henry finds self on a whole brand-new battleground. Wounded, hungry, and afraid, he struggles toward flexibility on foot, relying ~ above the kindness of plain French citizens and the cunning of members that the French Resistance to with the following town alive. Each day brings him nearer to home and also closer come danger. Yet even as Henry battles for his own survival in a enemy country, he quickly grows to realize the good peril that surrounds every the French people, and also to admire the strength and also determination that the liberty fighters who risk death to defend him.

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During the food of the novel, Henry travels two “odysseys”- one is his physical escape and also the other is a journey of an individual discovery. Just how are the two odysseys linked? What does that discover around mankind and himself along the way? how does he change?Henry’s father, Clayton, is a harsh, never-ending voice in Henry’s mind. Exactly how does this aid Henry and also how does that hurt him? Why perform you think Clayton is the means he is? In the end, Henry realizes the his father had done the “wrong points for the best reasons.” What go he mean by that?Sometimes personalities personify a template or idea. What could Pierre symbolize? What might Billy or mam Gaulloise represent?To help a flier escape, the Resistance frequently needed many civilization to play-act a selection of duties in a sequence of carefully planned events. These exchanges had to happen quickly and also fluidly. In chapter eight, Henry is rescued by a collection of strangers. Who space they and what roles perform they perform? exactly how do girlfriend think Henry felt as soon as he realizes, “He’d been handled, just like a hot potato. He to be a package no one wanted to be captured holding.”To survive, American fliers had to placed their lives into the hand of finish strangers, plenty of of whom spoke no English. Remind a time when you had to count on strangers to aid you or her family.Why do you think the old German soldier releases Henry?Henry needs to leave behind those who have helped him, not understanding their fate. What execute you think happens to mam Gaulloise? come Pierre? come Claudette? outline your own sequel.

Extension Activities

Henry travels hundreds of miles ~ above foot to escape record by Nazi troops. Utilizing a map of France, trace his path from the step of his bailing out to his last rescue.Imagine the you have been inquiry to compose a description with part commentary because that the earlier cover. Develop one i that tells the reader what the story is about and gives him/her a factor to read it. Share your writing with friends, and talk around the publication with them.

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Although Henry Forester a.k.a. Hank is an larger teenager in ~ 19, he’s quiet in the teens in regards to the variety of bombings he’s participated in together an American pilot during people War II. His luck runs out as soon as he is shoot down and also parachutes into German-occupied territory. Through the aid of the French Resistance, he overcomes a number of perils and also learns numerous lessons as he seeks safety and security in England.