On Two and a half Men, "Herb" preserved fans entertained in a supporting duty across most of the show"s 12-season run. Together the 2nd husband that "Judith," he had actually close and also hilarious relationships v "Alan" and the rest of the cast. Let"s take a look in ~ what actor Ryan Stiles is as much as now.

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Two and also a fifty percent Men fans of all eras will mental "Herb Melnick" — the second husband (and ultimate ex) of "Judith," after ~ she divorce "Alan" (Jon Cryer). 

Beginning in season 2, "Herb" made up to a grasp of appearances every season, share a near bond through "Alan," "Charlie," and also "Jake," his stepson. He was known for his goofy nature and, sometimes, his womanizing ways. "Herb" on regular basis hit ~ above "Lyndsey" and also an affair caused his divorce from "Judith."

What has actor Ryan Stiles been approximately since Two and also a fifty percent Men?

Two and also a half Men: "Herb" was played by gibbs Ryan Stiles

Comedian and also actor Ryan Stiles is well-known to TV viewers as a cast member ~ above The drew Carey Show, together "Lewis Kiniski," and the hit long-running improv series Whose heat Is that Anyway? however the American-Canadian star is additionally known to part as "Herb," that he shown for 30 illustration on Two and a fifty percent Men between 2004 and 2015.


Since Two and also a fifty percent Men wrapped increase in 2015, Stiles has actually primarily continued with job-related on the renewal of Whose heat Is it Anyway? ~ above The CW. The 61-year-old likewise performs in the show"s live tourism ("Whose Live Anyway?"), i m sorry has days scheduled into 2021.


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Ryan Stiles of Whose heat Is it Anyway? today

Stiles, that is additionally known because that his tall stature (at 6-foot-6), hasn"t bring away on many TV functions since Two and also a half Men. However he did appear as "Bill Doty" in a 2019 illustration of ABC"s American Housewife. Not just that, but he returned to CBS because that a 2020 episode of Young Sheldon together "Dr. Bowers."

He additionally keeps pan laughing and up to day on his personal Twitter page,
WhoseRyanStiles. We"re looking front to seeing much more of Ryan Stiles on Whose line Is it Anyway? and also any future TV guest spots!