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enter these codes at the map screen.
Left, Right, Left, Right, AAll driving Upgrades
Up, Down, Up, Down, AAll Fighting moves
Right, Left, Right, Left, AAll Gunplay an abilities
Down, Down, Down, ABigger vehicle
A, X, B, YShow Nick"s works with
Enter these codes as your license plate, then hold L + R when you choose OK
M1K3Play as commando
HAWGPlay as biker
TFANPlay together gangster
B00BPlay as female punk
JASSPlay as donkey
TATSPlay as tatooed lady
PHAMPlay together butcher
MNKYPlay together male punk
BRUZPlay as boxer
J1MMPlay as corpse
FATTPlay as police officer
P1MPPlay together pimp
MRFUPlay as oriental
5WATPlay as S.W.A.T.
B00ZPlay as street bum
PIMPPlay together pimp
B1G1Play as your boss
ROSAPlay as your partner
HARAPlay as eastern worker
FUZZPlay as Officer Johnson
HURT_M3Play as your companion in underwear
change color of Nick"s Car:When you start a brand-new game and also they ask you to type your name, simply hold L1 + R1 and press up or under at any time. This will adjust the shade of the tiny bar under the keyboard thingy. Whatever color you pick will be the color that her cars will be.(supplied by: the chad)One Shot car Explosion:After acquiring rank 3, however the full presision aim from the armory. Walk outside and also get the end your gun, it doesnt issue what gun girlfriend use. Usage you presision target and aim at any cars bumper-licence bowl area. You must see your aimer rotate red. Fire her gun 1 come 2 times. The automobile should explode right there.(supplied by: TheyCallMeTaterSalad)

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There are 10 codes for this game.(m)GYG2-6XPU-1NZ9Q91KX-Y748-BU1UGInfinite HealthW1V7-E1DT-3RBHV42GG-996T-35FFWInfinite Ammo/No ReloadC69D-ZAP1-7ZTC2U5XF-U9UD-H3YMJWKPB-FRX3-3H29GInfinite TimeQCRT-TZAP-J3FP42VDU-87D9-TR86XCivil Unrest never Rises6EUT-R22E-QPRG6A41V-4PT2-NGFWTJ6CC-1Q01-2NZY4Civil Unrest Rises QuicklyYAXU-G8C1-805QKEUU5-P768-A69GPM3Y8-1TC6-EZENNNever Commit bad Deeds0TZ3-A8W5-BD2WY30YW-1N8B-NRRA00VMN-AMUC-NNGGFDo 1 bad Deed for Max bad DeedsT98Y-A9DA-U8ZDZHTXA-F132-T3J4UDo any Deed because that Max BadgesJ2UA-PU5C-KB0UENZBV-EKVN-XH1BAK4T7-2602-HEJBCDo any kind of Deed for Max great DeedsK40F-4YF6-6G65VNZBV-EKVN-XH1BAK4T7-2602-HEJBCFUTN-52A8-6831W The Genie has more True Crime: roadways of L.A. Cheat at CheatingDome.com.Get the best choice of True Crime: highways of L.A. Cheats, codes & Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ because that Gamecube from Cheat password Central