Toyota offers a range of vehicles, consisting of sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks and also coupes, through decades" precious of options. The procedure for placing your backseat down can differ through the year, make and also model of the auto you own. Putting the seat down in the ago can sell plenty that extra room because that cargo needs, even an ext so in SUVs and hatchbacks, which may include an choice for the prior passenger"s seat to go down as well.

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Open the trunk or hatch to accessibility the earlier of the seats. Examine for a manage on the back of the seat (in SUVs or hatchbacks only). Pull the take care of to relax the seats.

Check for a pull-tab choice in sedans or coupes located in in between the seats and also the trunk end at the top. Pull the tab, which will certainly release the seats. Go around to the vehicle"s backseat to press the seat down when the lock is released.

Look for a take care of or switch in the back of the vehicle. The take care of should be situated on the next of the flower or trunk, over where the tires are, and may show a picture of the seat. Pull or press the button, or pull to relax the handle. The seats should move down ~ above their very own but, if not, walk to the earlier of the automobile to push the seat down.

Go come the behind seats that the car if friend cannot discover a release device in the tribe or in the earlier area behind the seats. Look alongside the headrests for a knob or handle. Pull the knob up to release the lock and push the seat down, or traction up ~ above the take care of to unlock and push the seat down.

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Check for a manage on the next of the behind seat and also move it all the method up while advertise the seat under (the same take care of that move the seat earlier and forth in the upright position). In larger vehicles, such as the Sequoia, Highlander or 4Runner, options may vary. In fully-loaded models, check for an digital button amongst the front chair controls that present a photo of the seats--push the button to relocate the rear seats under electronically.

due to the fact that of the selection of Toyota models and alternatives available, you should consult your owner"s manual to uncover out around the different ways to change your vehicle"s seating.
If your Toyota auto is an larger or basic model, you might not have this option. Call a dealership for details.

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