1st Visit

It is a little bit easier to maneuver through the book this time around, as each destination is shown as a pop-up rather of just appearing on the 2D page. Start with the only available section, Pooh Bear"s House. Walk past Pooh at the begin to seize the 100 Acre timber Map, then revolve to the north for a Mythril Stone and an AP Boost (Treasures #1-3).

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Greet Pooh at his stump because that a scene that ends v a battle against some Heartless. Return to the book reveals that number of pages have actually been steal (again). Visit Pooh Bear"s home again and also Greet him because that a scene. Sora is pulled the end of the book, and receives the Baseball Charm indigenous Merlin.

That"s all there is to perform in the book for now. Similar to in Kingdom understanding 1, Sora lot retrieve the take it Pages indigenous the book to finish the story in 100 Acre Woods. Each collection of take it Pages is in a big chest located across the Worlds. The places are as follows:

Disney CastleLibrary
Pride LandsOasis
Hollow BastionCrystal Fissure
The floor of DragonsThrone Room
AgrabahRuined Chamber

To continue, go back to the people Map and travel v Phantom Storm to with Olympus Coliseum.

Torn Pages 1

Bringing back the first set of torn Pages causes Piglet"s house to popular music up ~ above the book. Over there is a scene v Gopher and also Piglet.

Three brand-new treasures are now available. They space all the end in the open up in this little area. Open up the treasures for a Defense Boost, an AP Boost, and also a Mythril Gem (Treasures #4-6).

Stand under Piglet to Rescue him, only to be thrust right into the Blustery Rescue mission. Sora likewise re-meets Owl.


There doesn"t seem to be anything really difficult about this. You have the right to mash

the entirety time, occasionally hitting to use a tornado or to capture Pooh bear if he gets knocked loose. There is no factor to collection orbs, as this circumstances of Blustery Rescue doesn"t keep track that score.Press as soon as Piglet shows up in ~ the end to Rescue him.

Don"t worry about collecting orbs, as there is no score tracking here. If girlfriend played v the jungle Slider mini-game in KH1, this have to be pretty easy for you. Otherwise, simply follow the path, avoiding obstacles.The environment alters pretty regularly, eventually turning the camera so the Sora is traveling towards the display instead of away. Follow the directions as provided by the arrows do of orbs, and everything must be alright.Press when Gopher mirrors up to grab him. That is treated favor an extra life.

Torn Pages 3

Returning the third collection of take it Pages reasons Kanga"s home to appear on the map. Get in the area to finish the personalities section in the Journal, through Tigger, Kanga, and Roo. Three much more chests are available as well.

Much like the last area, every the collectibles are out in the open and also easy come reach. Relocate to the open up area eastern of the house to find two continuous sized chests. They host an AP Boost and also an Orichalcum (Treasures #11-12). Look about the other side the the house, near where anyone is standing, for the large chest. It includes a Magic Boost (Treasure #10).

Speak through Tigger as soon as you are all set to attempt this Page"s Mission, Balloon Bounce.


Press come bounce off the trampoline and onto balloons. Sora only needs to popular music 10 balloons total. There is a handy prompt on the screen, make this among the easiest goals to complete.

Sora must overview Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and also Roo through the cave to find Pooh, and also they just have 5 minutes to do so. Watch because that the agency Halt! and front March! reaction regulates to prevent the team from falling victim come falling rocks. Any type of time bees appear, give them a couple of smacks with the Keyblade to protect Sora"s friends.When the ship gauge operation out, usage clear up Down! come refill it and also continue the search.The path through the cavern is reasonably straightforward. When Sora get the very first patch of water, take it the Mythril Gem (Treasure #13) from the chest. Once the team reaches a large cavern, struggle off part bees then find the next chest concealed straight across from the entrance for a Mythril Crystal (Treasure #17) and a Guard Recipe (Treasure #16).Return come the entrance to the cavern and face far from it. The path to Sora"s left leads to one Orichalcum (Treasure #15) when the route to Sora"s right leads to an AP Boost (Treasure #14). Take either the the just other paths to go forward.At the T intersection, open up the chest to acquire an AP Boost (Treasure #18), then proceed down the path and around a edge to uncover Pooh.

Finding Pooh be afflicted with within the moment limit unlocks the Sweet Memories Keyblade for Sora. This is great for leveling up the master Form, yet not for lot else. Sora additionally receives the Spooky cavern Map for his troubles.

Torn Pages 5

The Starry Hill is the following area come be went back to the book. Before rushing come Pooh"s aid, open up the large chest come the west the the leg for a Cosmic Ring (Treasure #19), climate look in the northeast edge of the map because that the last chest, and a Style Recipe (Treasure #20). Talk to Pooh to start the final mission.

Puzzle Pieces

There space Puzzle piece to be found across Twilight Town. The following information will guide you through acquiring all the Puzzle pieces in order.

Start by start Starry Hill, the last page, which is top top the bottom appropriate of the book. The crown on this web page is in the northwest corner, and is visible as shortly as Sora enters the page. Climb as much as where Pooh be affected by each other is sitting and Glide out to take this crown (Piece #1).

Next visit Pooh Bear"s House, on the bottom left the the book. This crown is behind the tree, reachable by jumping native the roof the the residence (Piece #2).

At the peak left of the publication is Rabbit"s House. Enter and take the crown indigenous the cabbage job on the other side of the river (Piece #3).

Right over Pooh"s home is Piglet"s House. The crown is on a stump simply north of the tree (Piece #4).

Enter Kanga"s home to see the following crown appropriate away, on part boxes to the eastern (Piece #5).

Finally, get in The Spooky Cave, off in the far top right edge of the book. In order come explore sufficient to uncover the critical crown, friend will have to retry The Expotition minigame. The crown is nearly unavoidable, on the main path (Piece #6).

Missions and also Minigames

Sora needs to replay each of the activities from the torn Pages with particular point purposes in order to finish up the newspaper for 100 Acre Wood.

A Blustery Rescue

Visit Piglet"s House and also speak to Piglet come retry this minigame. Earn a complete score the 18,000 or more.

This game puts Sora top top a very specific course. He needs to struggle the vast majority of the items that come his means to reach the score at the end. Focus on the hunny pots first, climate the large tree trunks, with the acorns being the least valuable. Usage the tornadoes that appear to grab all items the are adjacent and gain their points.

Hunny Slider

This minigame is available by speaking to hare at Rabbit"s House. Earn a complete score of 8,000 or more.

The hardest part of this game is as soon as Sora is relocating towards the camera. Follow the arrows the the orbs make to knife the many points. Also, use the

dodge ability to quickly avoid obstacles and also get the orbs.

Balloon Bounce

Return to Kanga"s House and also speak v Tigger to retry the Balloon Bounce minigame. Complete with a score the 2,000 or more.

Blue balloons reward 3 points, if red people reward 10. If Sora can obtain to the very top of the screen (by using environment-friendly balloons to get extra height) over there is a substantial yellow balloon that bursts into several hundreds points.

The Expotition

Speak v Kanga in The Spooky cave to retry this minigame. Finish within 90 seconds to complete it.

This is much easier now the the map is available. Follow the course along to the large room, defeating two teams of bees along the way. Usage the pathways come the southern to find Pooh Bear.

The Hunny Pot

The last minigame is in the Starry Hill area. Speak with Pooh on the hill to start it. Knife a score of 8,000 or an ext to complete it.

The hardest part of this is obtaining the power gauge to review full. Try this a few times to number out the timing. When you can obtain the gauge every the way up, the is a basic matter of pushing as soon as the Reaction Command shows up to litter Pooh and get the high score.

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52. KH2: Olympus Coliseum50. KH2: Beast"s Castle
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