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Cheat Mode:Unlock every levels in standard mode, climate clear all the gaps in all fifteen levels. Every the cheat choices will now appear in the cheats menu on the game choices screen, and also can be turned top top or off.Unlock Natas Kaupas:Enter oldskool together a password.Unlock Nigel Beaverhausen:Enter sellout as a password.Unlock Paulie:Enter 4-wheeler together a password.Infinite Rail Balance:Enter straightedge as a password.Unlock much more characters:Enter costars together a password.Always Special:Enter likepaulie together a password.Unlock Phil Margera:Enter aprilsman together a password.Level Select:Enter d3struct together a password.Unlock every movies:Enter boxoffice as a password.Unlockable: characters Complete Boston Story Mode: Ben Franklin complete Barcelona Story Mode: Bull Fighter finish Berlin in Story: Graffiti Tagger Complete classic mode top top sick: Jesse James Complete brand-new Orleans in Story: Jester Complete standard mode on Sick: Natas Kaupas complete Story on Sick: Nigel complete Story ~ above Normal: Paulie finish Story ~ above Easy: Pedestrian team A finish Story top top Normal: Pedestrian group B complete Story ~ above Sick: Pedestrian team C Complete standard Mode on Normal: Pedestrian team D Complete classic Mode top top Sick: Pedestrian team E complete Story v 100%: Pedestrian group F Complete classic Mode through 100%: Pedestrian group G complete Story on Easy: Phil Margera finish Story: pro Skater Level complete Skatopia in Story: Ryan Sheckler complete Australia in story mode: Shrimp merchant Complete classic mode ~ above Normal: Steve-O complete story mode on Normal: The Hand Complete standard mode ~ above Normal: original Tony Hawk(supplied by: nic_93)
There are 14 codes for this game.(M)C4P8-WM6Z-7KYVPMB29-6Q4G-PGT2XOpen every MoviesQEEW-V5MN-RN70F15C6-57HP-AN9DN4VJQ-6MJV-GKM0BNever fail Goals96XZ-VFUG-3VH6KCVH7-G47M-BVPVCStory Mode5RBB-Q6NP-QNCJDUnlock all LevelsA59C-MKK5-579MP7UBP-673Y-FMEMCHave Cheats5T46-MMW3-JU4ZM2RTJ-M4V5-TXA6AJTQ1-4HE7-JAQ4ASuper Stat: OllieJJNB-9RBY-CYA6GANK8-Z98F-P0GR2Super Stat: SpeedE60A-AN5N-FKN2QD2VH-QNMY-9U5MVSuper Stat: SpinUKG1-5ZTW-9CQKM3QGC-5YMZ-G3NETMoon jump (Hold A)NZ5D-3WV3-DPX8K4Q5J-7C2U-TA1880027-AC0B-5M84UClassic ModeVE2A-CY7N-TV7JRUnlock every Levels3NKD-C1RG-QVA07KZ9T-66QP-KXQDVHave Cheats0VWA-VH9D-KYGCR9CWB-UG86-ME5M3Instantly obtain S-K-A-T-E0NU7-DRQC-BA1ARAAPG-8YNZ-3YYM2

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There are 13 codes for this game.(M)4XV8-4XEB-KFTNJ5HQE-FCM2-B3JMGMax ScoreFPQF-7ZE1-PEF51R841-C7EU-20QPYAll Stat purposes CompleteWH95-NBE3-PGNYGE7P5-YNPP-X94RN39AR-R1TV-YJYDDZAEY-DFBT-REUY839AR-R1TV-YJYDDHold A for Super run (Off Board)N38P-7FBR-8B81U4J0B-GNAR-VRKVNV5FT-3ZMY-2YV268NG6-PVA3-KX3PQSUPER STAT CODES:1MUB-TGZT-RNFZBSuper Ollie1XYE-QZ9X-ADQY9ANK8-Z98F-P0GR2Super SpeedV5D9-6V8B-VCZC3D2VH-QNMY-9U5MVSuper Spin3MPN-197W-W06G13QGC-5YMZ-G3NETUNLOCK CODES:P69Q-97QP-700CQAll level UnlockedMRRY-T9DG-UUQP67UBP-673Y-FMEMCCD0U-KG5T-K8J2HAll video game Modes CompleteFUQW-WRP6-ZARGYXMJG-TM83-D09B8All standard Mode goals Complete7JKW-BK17-UEFZC9DAP-XUFF-36TR6Lots Of cheats UnlockedVV9T-KHJD-2AW372RTJ-M4V5-TXA6AJTQ1-4HE7-JAQ4A9CWB-UG86-ME5M3 obtain the best an option of Tony Hawk´s underground 2 Cheats, codes & Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ because that Gamecube native Cheat code CentralThe Genie has much more Tony Hawk´s underground 2 cheat at CheatingDome.com.