I watch the を particle is offered with the verb, yet I don"t know how it functions in the sentence. Is it:






Go v your very first example. とる literally just means "take". For this reason in your second sentence, you speak "I take it my dog at the park." i m sorry sounds as odd in bsci-ch.org as it go in English. :)


The previous is the complete sentence without any ambiguity. とる has a many of definitions (including 捕る "to capture" and also 盗る "to steal"). You need to specify which とる you space using in some way or another.

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You deserve to use the last sentence if the context provides it clear that you"re talking around photos. Girlfriend don"t need to say 写真【しゃしん】(を) again and again.

A: しゃしんはすきですか? Do you favor photography? B: はい。きのうはこうえんでいぬをとりました。 Yes. Yesterday i took picture of my dog at a park.

And as you have the right to see, とる has actually lots of kanji, and the kanji because that "to take it (a photo)" is 撮る, i beg your pardon is details enough. So in created bsci-ch.org you deserve to simply write prefer this:

私【わたし】は公園【こうえん】で犬【いぬ】を撮【と】りました。 ns took a snapshot of a dog at the park.

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