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slide 1 slide 2 A world is a three-dimensional scale version of earth (terrestrial globe) or other spheroid celestial body such as a planet, star, or moon. The word "globe" comes from the Latin indigenous globus, an interpretation round fixed or sphere. slide 3 (Earth sciences / physical Geography) a ball on i m sorry a map of the human being or the heavens is attracted or represented. (Astronomy) a planet or part other astronomical body. The most accurate human being map is a globe. Choose the world Earth, a world is shaped as a ball. on slide 4 on slide 5 also thousands of year ago, people saw points happening roughly them everyday that couldn"t be explained by the theory of a level world. If the world was flat, why go the sun always come increase every morning in the east and go under every evening in the west? and why go the stars relocate in a one in the night sky? These motions in the sky didn"t prove the the human being wasn"t flat. However they gave clues about the real shape the the earth. At first, ancient peoples come up with myths to describe these mysteries. Some of them stated a chariot pulled the sun throughout the skies each day. But not everyone thought these stories. Tiny by little, more people in the old world came to believe that the human being was a sphere. slide 6 approximately 250 BC, the Greek mathematician Eratosthenes noticed that a write-up in the city that Alexandria, Egypt actors a shadow in ~ noon on the summer solstice, the longest job of the year. Yet at the exact same time in Syrene, a town due south from Alexandria, a comparable post did not cast any shadow. Why was this? Eratosthenes figured the sun must be shining its light at these two towns from different angles. The sun was directly over the short article in Syrene, therefore the article did not cast any kind of shadow. But the sunshine was shining toward Alexandria in ~ an angle. This was because the earth"s surface ar was curved, Eratosthenes reasoned. slide 7 Astronomers in India learned around the cosmos by reading publications written by the Greeks. Roughly 500 AD, an Indian astronomer Aryabhata defined why the stars circled the earth in the night sky. He believed the planet must be spinning favor a top. The Arabs learned around astronomy from these previous cultures, and also they became some that the ideal astronomers the the middle Ages. Prefer the Greeks before them, the Arabs offered sun shadows to measure up how big around the world was. In the 1300s, a former slave in Arabia called al-Khazini come up through a concept of gravity. He stated all objects to be attracted come the facility of the earth. on slide 8 before European explorers and also conquerors sailed throughout the seas in the 1400s and 1500s, cartographers in Europe made globes. In 1492, boy name Behaim, a German cartographer, make the oldest globe that still exists today. Years later, the netherlands would become famous because that making the finest globes and also maps. Once the kings and queens of Europe gazed upon these wonderful spherical maps, lock still imagine the rest of the world circling around the earth. Yet in the 1500s and 1600s, polishing astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, German astronomer johannes Kepler and also Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei debunked the myth that the planet was at the facility of everything. They confirmed that the earth was in reality a planet moving around the sun. Many religious leaders refused to believe these brand-new ideas, threatening Galileo and banning the publications of Copernicus. Sir lsaac Newton, come up with the very first theory that defined the motions of the stars, the sun, the moon and the planets. Newton establish the force that causes an to apologize to loss from a tree come the ground is the same pressure that attractive the moon come the earth. Newton defined how this force referred to as gravity stop the solar system together. Today, researchers are tho getting much more information about the universe and also the legislations of physics, yet the rules discovered by Newton still provide a good, simple description that the universe approximately us. on slide 9 parts of the world The latitude of a allude on the Earth"s surface ar is the edge (measured in degrees) in between the aircraft of the equator and the right line segment the joins the allude to the facility of the globe. The latitude is one angle, and is typically measured in degrees (marked through ). Latitude slide 10 The equator corresponds the great circle perpendicular come the Earth"s axis, identify the division of the planet in 2 hemispheres: North and also South. The parallels room circles parallel to the equator and also they determine the latitude of a place. on slide 11 on slide 12 The longitude that any allude on the Earth"s surface is the measure up of the angle (in degrees) between the planes that contain the point, the Earth"s axis and the Greenwich Meridian. That is usually expressed in degrees, minutes, and also seconds. The prime Meridian and its the opposite the 180 th meridian (at 180 longitude), which the International day Line normally follows, kind a good circle that divides the planet into the Eastern and Western Hemisphere. Lines of longitude are often referred to together meridians. Longitude slide 13 slide 14 indigenous the highest of heights come the depth the the sea....creations revealing His majesty. slide 15 from the color of fall.. Every creature distinctive in the track that the sing.. All exclaiming.. Come the fragrance of spring.. on slide 16 indescribable.. Uncontainable.. He inserted the stars in the sky and He knows them by name Hes an impressive God..

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