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napkins: i.e., dish-towels. In bespeak to clear Capulet"s hall for dancing, the servants room taking far the dishes and other things offered at the feast.

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and SERVINGMEN come forth with napkins.First Servant1Where"s Potpan, the he helps no to take it away? He
2shift a trencher? he scrape a trencher!Second Servant3When good manners shall lie all in one or 2 4men"s hands and also they unwashed too, "tis a foul
6. Away v the joint-stools. 7. Court-cupboard: sideboard. Plate: yellow or silver- vessels or utensils. 8.marchpane: marzipan.
5thing.First Servant6Away with the joint-stools, eliminate the7court-cupboard, look come the plate. Good thou, save8me a item of marchpane; and, as thou lovest me, let9the porter allow in Susan Grindstone and also Nell.10Antony, and also Potpan!Antony11Ay, boy, ready.First Servant12You are looked for and also called for, asked because that and13sought for, in the an excellent chamber.Potpan14We can not be here and also there too. Cheerly, boys; be
15. The longer liver take all: that who stays the longest it s okay everything. This is a proverb, definition that you have to enjoy life while it lasts.
15brisk awhile, and also the longer liver take all.Exeunt.Enter all the GUESTS and GENTLEWOMENto the Maskers.CAPULET16Welcome, gentlemen! females that have their toes
19. Renders dainty: behaves coyly (by refusing come dance). 20.am i come close to ye now?: have actually I hit the mark? This is Capulet"s means of strongly encouraging all the ladies to dance.
19Will now deny come dance? she that renders dainty,20She, I"ll swear, on foot corns; am i come near ye now?21Welcome, gentlemen! I have seen the day
22That I have worn a visor and could tell23A whispering story in a same lady"s ear,24Such as would certainly please: "tis gone, "tis gone, "tis gone.25You room welcome, gentlemen! come, musicians, play.Music plays, and also they dance.
26. A hall, a hall! offer room!: 27. Turn the tables up: disassemble the tables. Tables to be boards to adjust on trestles. 29. This unlook"d-for sport comes well: this unanticipated excitement is welcome. Capulet is introduce to the unforeseen appearance of Romeo and his girlfriend in masks.
27More light, friend knaves; and also turn the tables up,28And quench the fire, the room is grown also hot.29Ah, sirrah, this unlook"d-for sports comes well.30Nay, sit, nay, sit, an excellent cousin Capulet;31For you and also I are past our dancing days:32How lengthy is"t now since last yourself and also I33Were in a mask?Second Capulet33By"r lady, thirty years.CAPULET34What, man! "tis not so much, "tis not so much:35"Tis because the nuptials that Lucentio,
36-37. Come Pentecost as quickly as the will, / part five and also twenty years: as quickly as Pentecost (seven weeks ~ Easter) arrives, it will be around twenty-five years.
36Come Pentecost as easily as that will,37Some five and also twenty years; and then we mask"d.Second Capulet
38. His boy is elder: due to the fact that Lucentio"s kid is currently thirty, it need to be more than twenty-five years due to the fact that Lucentio married.
40His son was but a ward 2 years ago.ROMEO 41What lady is that, which doth enrich the hand42Of yonder knight?Servant43I recognize not, sir.ROMEO44O, she doth teach the torches come burn bright!45It appears she hangs upon the cheek of night46Like a affluent jewel in an Ethiope"s ear;
49. As yonder lady o"er her fellows shows: together yonder lady reflects . 50.The measure up done: as soon as this dance is over. 51. Rude: rough.
49As yonder lady o"er her fellows shows.50The measure done, I"ll watch her location of stand,51And, emotional hers, make blessed my rude hand.52Did my heart love it rotates now? forswear it, sight!53For i ne"er saw true beauty, beauty till this night.TYBALT54This, through his voice, have to be a Montague.
55. What dares: just how dares.56. Antic face: grotesque mask.57. Fleer: mock. Solemnity: festivity.58. Stock: family members line.
57To fleer and also scorn in ~ our solemnity?58Now, through the stock and honor of mine kin,59To strike him dead, I hold it not a sin.CAPULET60Why, just how now, kinsman! wherefore storm girlfriend so?TYBALT61Uncle, this is a Montague, our foe,62A villain the is hither come in spite,63To scorn at our solemnity this night.CAPULET64Young Romeo is it?TYBALT64"Tis he, that villain Romeo.CAPULET65Content thee, gentle coz, let the alone;
66"A bears him choose a portly gentleman;67And, to say truth, Verona brags that him68To be a virtuous and also well-govern"d youth:69I would not for the riches of all the town70Here in my residence do him disparagement:71Therefore it is in patient, take it no note of him:72It is my will, the i beg your pardon if you respect,73Show a same presence and put turn off these frowns,
76He shall it is in endured:77What, goodman boy! ns say, that shall: walk to;78Am ns the grasp here, or you? go to.
79. God shall mend my soul!: God save my soul! 80. Mutiny: riot. 81. Set cock-a-hoop: crow (whoop) favor the cock of the walk.
79You"ll not endure him! God shall repair my soul!80You"ll make a mutiny among my guests!81You will collection cock-a-hoop! you"ll it is in the man!TYBALT
84. This trick. . .scath you: i.e., this stupid trick can come ago to bite you. I understand what: I know what I"m doing. 85. Marry, "tis time: Capulet is sputtering with anger; he may mean "Indeed, it"s time you were taught a lesson." 86. Fine said, my hearts!: Capulet phone call this out to some other guests, to display that there"s nothing wrong. Princox: insolent boy.
84This trick may chance to scath you. I recognize what:85You must contrary me! Marry, "tis time. —86Well said, my hearts! —You are a princox; go:87Be quiet, or —More light, more light! —For shame!88I"ll do you quiet. —What, cheerly, mine hearts!TYBALT
89-90. Patience. . .greeting: i.e, the clash in between my anger and also the discipline I am compelled to present makes my flesh tremble. 91-92. This intrusion. . .gall: this instrusion will make what now seems sweet turn right into bitter poison.
89Patience perforce with wilful choler meeting90Makes my meat tremble in their different greeting.91I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall92Now seeming sweet transform to bitter gall.Exit.ROMEO 93If i profane with my unworthiest hand
94This holy shrine, the tenderness sin is this:95My lips, two blushing pilgrims, all set stand96To smooth that stormy touch through a tender kiss.JULIET
97. You execute wrong her hand as well much: 98. Which mannerly devotion reflects in this: i.e., your hand is currently showing ideal devotion by poignant my hand. 100. Palm to palm is divine palmers" kiss: Pilgrims who journeyed to the divine Land brought back palm fronds, so they were dubbed "palmers." "palm come palm is holy palmer"s kiss"
97Good pilgrim, you execute wrong her hand as well much,98Which mannerly devotion mirrors in this;99For saints have actually hands the pilgrims" hands do touch,100And palm come palm is divine palmers" kiss.ROMEO101Have not saints lips, and also holy palmers too?JULIET102Ay, pilgrim, lips that they have to use in prayer.ROMEO103O, then, dear saint, allow lips carry out what hand do;104They pray — grant thou, lest faith turn come despair.JULIET
105. Saints do not move, though approve for prayers" sake: Saints do not take it the initiative to look out for your soul, yet they do give requests make in prayer.
106Then relocate not, while mine prayer"s impact I take.107Thus from mine lips, by yours, my sin is purged.JULIET108Then have my lips the sin that they have took.ROMEO109Sin from her lips? O trespass sweetly urged!110Give me mine sin again.JULIET
110. Through th" book: follow to the rules. Juliet is no serious, as Romeo has wittily twisted the rule and language of religion to acquire two kisses.

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110You kiss by th" book.Nurse 111Madam, your mom craves a word v you.ROMEO