A round is a collection of point out in an are that space a given distance r indigenous the center.


The volume the a 3 -dimensional heavy is the quantity of space it occupies. Volume is measure up in cubic units( in 3 , ft 3 , centimeter 3 , m 3 , et cetera). Be sure that every one of the dimensions are in the very same unit before computing the volume.

The volume V that a ball is four-thirds times pi time the radius cubed.

V = 4 3 π r 3

The volume the a hemisphere is one-half the volume of the related sphere.

note : The volume the a sphere is 2 / 3 the the volume that a cylinder with exact same radius, and also height same to the diameter.


discover the volume that the sphere. Ring to the nearest cubic meter.



The formula for the volume the a ball is

V = 4 3 π r 3

from the figure, the radius the the ball is 8 m.

substitute 8 because that r in the formula.

V = 4 3 π ( 8 ) 3


V = 4 3 π ( 512 )

≈ 2145

Therefore, the volume the the sphere is around 2145   m 3 .

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