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1825-1849:We come to be a land of the usual man, though no yet a democracy for all

April 13, 1830Two toasts...two see of the Union


Portrait the Andrew Jackson

Image Donated by Corbis - Bettmann

President Jackson is a “states’ rights” Democrat, and doesn’t think the Constitution offers the can be fried Court the last word. Yet even he is alarmed by talk in southern Carolina that a state deserve to “nullify” a new tariff regulation it sees together unconstitutional. Might the Union survive such one idea?The President and the author of this nullification idea, his very own Vice President man Calhoun, to be both at a banquet tonight. Each provided a toast and also everyone wondered: would certainly Jackson endorse Calhoun’s idea?First, Jackson: “Our federal Union: it need to be preserved!”“To the Union,” responded Calhoun.

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“Next come our liberty, many dear.”

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