Which of the following assets is assumed no to decrease in organization potential over the course of its useful life?

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Equipment was purchased for $90,000 on work 1 the year 1. Freight charges price to $4,200 and there to be a cost of $12,00 for structure a structure and installing and also testing the equipment. That is estimated that the devices will have a $18,000 salvage (residual) value at the finish of its 5-year estimated beneficial life. Depreciation cost each year making use of the straight-line an approach will be:
1. Devices was purchased for $68,000 ~ above January 1, 2013. Freight charges amounted ot $2,800 and also there to be a price of $8,000 for structure a structure and installing the equipment. It is approximated that the devices will have actually a $12,000 salvage value at the end of the 5-year advantageous life. What is the quantity of collected depreciation at December 31, 2014, if the straight-line method of depreciation is used?
A machine was purchased for $180,000 and it was estimated to have an $12,000 salvage (residual) worth at the finish of its advantageous life. Monthly depreciation cost of $1,400 was taped using the straight-line method. The annual depreciation price is:


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