People whose tasks revolve about throwaway "viral" story hit pay dust last week once someone noticed that a radio station in LA was play Nelly"s 2002 fight "Hot In Herre" over and also over again. This is apparently fairly standard procedure because that radio stations undergoing a format readjust (it has since stopped playing Nelly and has undoubtedly gone with a layout change), however for a brief moment it unified us all over a tune that came out virtually 12 year ago.

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So, as we do right here on Music video Relapse, we"re taking a look at at one of the two music videos produced this song, directed by manager X (then well-known as tiny X).

Despite being an ext than a te old, "Hot In Herre" has actually stood up surprisingly well over the years, and I think this music video clip does as well. In ~ its core it"s a club video clip - Nelly and his crew are in a cool feather club, maidename is performing the song, and ladies room dancing approximately them.

I think one of the reasons this song is fondly mental is its sense of humor. The "so take turn off all her clothes" line is funny and tongue in cheek, and there space a couple of lines in the tune that offer as comic relief, like once Nelly floats the idea the it might be sexy if his girl was tied up in his basement (I think, I in reality don"t know what he"s gaining at all) then takes it all ago when she appears weirded out. It"s quite brilliant pop hip hop the was rewarded through a the majority of crossover success.

The video clip mostly continues to be away from acting out any of the comic relief, however it does decide to add a little plot machine in the kind of the actual society everyone is in capturing on fire. We"re displayed shots of flames lapping the ceiling, and also then the DJ (played by Cedric the Entertainer) stops and tells everyone that the roof is on fire. Anyone thinks he"s to express the 1984 track "The Roof Is ~ above Fire" by Rock understand Scott & the Dynamic Three, unaware that there is an yes, really fire above them.

The best part of the video is when Cedric the Entertainer just goes ago to DJing in a burning building because of the insurmountable worry of human being not expertise what the is saying. The fire naturally makes points even more hot, which turns on the sprinklers and also douses anyone in a sexy, non-emergency way.

Although the video never fairly rises to the mix of fun novelty the the monitor does, the video for "Hot In Herre" manages to stand on its own with part funny (albeit quite bizarre) jokes of that is own.

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