In critical week’s penultimate episode of Next great Baker, cake boss Buddy Valastro said Gretel-Ann she would certainly be going to the las vegas finale through Jen and Ashley, yet as one underdog.

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The finale starts with Luck… blackjack. Ashley wins, and also gets an initial pick of teammates — native Buddy’s bakers and also family members — for the baker’s challenge: baking and also selling at the very least 400 cookies, 100 pastries, 10 cakes, and 10 pies. The baker that sells the least is going home. Ashley takes sister mar (for her sales acumen) and also baker Danny.

At the kitchen, previous contestants Peter, Paul, Em, Garrett, Letty, and also Melissa are assembled to it is in drafted. Ashley is given an initial pick to assign a previous contestant to a competitor’s team. She sends out Paul to Gretel-Ann. Gretel-Ann sends out Garrett come Jen, “because the quit.”

Jen opts to bake: amaretto Italian cream cake, caramel to apologize pie; scones and cream puffs; and chocolate chip, molasses, peanut butter, and also whoopie pie cookies.

Gretel-Ann walk for: chocolate dulce joy cake; chocolate pecan cake; no-bake, thumb print, whoopie pie, and also rugelach cookies; and also lemon bars and also eclairs.

Ashley makes: black forest fudge cake; chess pie; lemon raspberry tart and also profiteroles because that the pastries; and applesauce spice, cacao chip, peanut butter chip, and also oatmeal cookies.

To kick off, Gretel-Ann hides paper pans. “It’s not cheating; it’s being creative.” climate she cranks increase the stove temps top top the cookie from 350 come 425.

Then she all however twirls an imagine mustache.

Ashley and Jen each sacrifice part product come the sabotage. Now it’s a one-hour bake Sale selling war. In spite of the lost product, Ashley wins the highest sales (by hundreds) and also the Baker’s Challenge. Gretel-Ann win Jen through 24 ticket sales. Jen go home. Rather of a box truck, a gondola picks her up. “Get in the boat.”

Buddy bring away Ashley and Gretel-Ann because that a night the end in las vegas (Elvis impersonators, pink convertible rides etc), and then tells them in ~ dawn the Elimination challenge is on. Earlier to the kitchen. Ago into your chef’s coats.

From got rid of bakers and also Buddy’s crew, Ashley choose Ralph, Frankie, Chad, Jess.

Gretel-Ann gets Chris, Tyne, and also James Brown.

The template is a ras Vegas showstopper cake.Go big or go home.

Ashley goes v her-as-Elvis theme.

Gretel-Ann wants her cake come tell the story the Gretel-Ann.

Ashley voice-overs her team’s work, “I desire my very own business. I desire to have actually my own bakery. I don’t have the money to do that. Ns don’t have the credit to do that.”

Gretel-Ann says, “being selfish is not always a negative thing…I had to do what I had to do. It’s not due to the fact that I’m this evil, conniving bitch. I have this bakery at home that battles every day. If we need to close it, the financial load that’s going come be put on my husband’s and also my head is unfathomable. Ashley’s young. She doesn’t have actually as lot riding on this as me. It’s not that she doesn’t deserve to win. I just deserve that more.”

Next, Ralph has Ashley take it off she chef’s coat and pose therefore he deserve to “sculpt” her.

The finished entries are: Gretel-Ann’s team presents a slot-machine cake (The Venetian is misspelled on it.); Ashley’s has actually a tiered cake topped by her-as-Elvis.

The judges assemble: Buddy, Buddy’s mom, and Joey Fatone.

Gretel-Ann tells the story of she cake through tears. Ashley is more composed, yet still enthusiastic.

Both cakes room lauded by the judges. Then Buddy adds a twist: the former competitors will acquire a chance to vote. Gretel-Ann is worried. “I am the only one that realized this was a competition. And people are pissed off at me.”

The Q and A starts with Letty asking Gretel-Ann if she has learned to it is in a team player. Gretel-Ann blames her at an early stage clashes on nerves and also being intimidated by such good fellow contestants.

Next, Paul asks Ashley, “how go a 25-year-old kid have the life suffer to become the Next good Baker.”

Ashley is no taking a page from Gretel-Ann’s playbook:

“Is the a severe question? You’ve been a condescending human this whole time. So because that you come say…I’m a 25-year-old child is bullshit. Life experiences? You have actually no idea what the hell you’re talk about. Girlfriend don’t know me. You think you’re better than everyone here. You’re an arrogant asshole. You have been this entire time. Ns don’t need to answer her damn question.”

Ashley gets the teammates’ votes, 7 to 4.

Buddy’s family and crew: Head baker Joey admits Ashley’s outburst bothered him. “You take it a opportunity on blow $100,000 simply to tell the what girlfriend thought around him? to be it precious it?” Gretel-Ann wins that vote.

Joey Fatone votes because that Ashley’s cake.

Buddy’s mommy says Ashley’s cake is better, however she disapproved that the outburst.

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Buddy offers the 2 of lock one much more shot to do a plea. Ashley quiet isn’t going come eat crow, “I might have a negative mouth sometimes… but I’m not ashamed of who I am. I don’t remorse a single thing.”

Gretel-Ann explains her sacrifices, and says, “I know I deserve to be what you need me to be.”

Buddy drags the out…. And also then crowns Ashley: Next good Baker.

Gretel Ann’s solution is less conciliatory 보다 it was as soon as she still required votes: “Are girlfriend f*ing kidding me best now? you just chose a kid over me. Great luck Buddy with your daycare operation. Your household wanted to work with me.”

Now Ashley’s in tears, and also is join onstage by her sister and fiance. Next stop: $100,000 i m sorry will allow her to rotate her baking organization into a brick and mortar store, however first, she’ll walk to occupational with Buddy.

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