The guy in the Water is a coming-of-age YA thriller set in a rural mining city in Queensland and follows a teenager who launches one investigation into a mysterious dead body which timeless vanishes after he pipeline to report it.

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The writer mentions that this book was based on his time in local Queensland whereby he competent a new and different culture in your mining towns, inspiring its explicate in the form of the issues Shaun and his town face, and how Shaun’s personality is developed. It’s an eye-opening read and also immediately noticeable that the author has composed from actual life expertise as the leader is transported to Shaun’s dusty dry hometown, withering away in the opening heat and from the loss of sources as profit-driven businesses put off neighborhood workers to invest in casual workers instead.

Shaun to know something that the greedy corporate mindset as his father suffered a debilitating injury due to long hours in unsafe working conditions, resulting in him acquisition his very own life the end of despair and also shame. This background informs exactly how the other characters respond come Shaun, suspecting that his report that a dead human body is based upon unresolved grief and also acting out due to the fact that he requirements help. The topic of mental health is a recurring theme and Shaun’s mother repeatedly bring up therapy, law her ideal to enrol Shaun in counselling sessions to assist him regulate his emotions and behaviour. Of food Shaun is less than impressed together he DID discover a dead body, but representation of mental health problems has assisted to stigmatise the problem over time and it’s constantly welcome to check out awareness being increased in publications aimed in ~ a younger audience. Ns appreciated the the author likewise includes a perform of sources at the end of the book to help anyone in need of help.

The murder mystery is tricky and also convoluted, throw up an ext puzzling questions the deeper the guys dig into it. There’s a ton the intrigue and near-claustrophobic paranoia as the variety of suspects pile up, consisting of those in nearby proximity come Shaun, and it’s a really satisfying conundrum to mull over. Ns did ultimately work out the answer, but only on chapter 33 the end of 39! The author has a delicate balance come maintain between keeping the secret confusing sufficient for readers not to choose it apart beforehand in the book, but also sowing in seeds of info that the teenage boys have the right to investigate and also succeed in obtaining insight from without it being completely unrealistic. This can’t turn into CS: north Queensland ~ all! that was taken on superbly as Shaun and also Will felt completely believable, pursuing their instance in a manner the made sense for teenage boys and also getting ahead without merely lucking into ideas through slim plot convenience.

A tentative romantic is contained in the background, together Shaun’s next key priority besides addressing the murder is trying to summon the courage to reveal his feelings to long-time like Megan. But the emphasis is much more on Shaun’s feelings about Megan fairly than occurring her as a personality in her own right, which renders sense as this publication is primarily around Shaun’s emotionally journey and also his growth shown through the means he interacts with those about him. The friendship between Shaun and also Will in particular is heartwarming and endearing, with their light-hearted banter supplying a welcome counterpoint come the much more serious moments taking care of death and also depression.

This is a wonderfully thoughtful and intriguing story that has actually crossover appeal come adults and younger teenagers, exploring crucial messages as well as entertaining the reader. A captivating fast-paced review that is recommended because that everyone.

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The guy in the Water is obtainable from Amazon, book Depository, and also other good book retailers.

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