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a price on his headA smile on his mirror and a sag in his bedMan in the middle - left rightMan in the middle - that"s rightMan in the middle - (ah!)

the middleI"m an in-the-middle kind of manI am... the man in the middleI am a in-the-middle kind of man, yes I amI am the man in the middleI am the man

may sit up in your chairHe doesn"t care at allHe"s the man in the middleYou can tell which way he laysHe"s the man in the middleAnd he realises

can peer "Cause he"s the man in the middle, never second fiddle Just like a spider in a cobweb Hard as a hammer, not the kind of boss you

Who"s the man? (the-the-the-man in the middle)Who"s the man? (the-the-man the man in the middle)Who"s the man? the-the-man the man in the middle

Who"s the man? (the-the-the-man in the middle)Who"s the man? (the-the-man the man in the middle)Who"s the man? the-the-man the man in the middle

I"ve been telling lies,And you forgive me but my heart still cries.And you can understandI"m just the man in the middleOf a complicated plan.

to treat you rightI"ll pull you closer to meLet love set us freeMy darling, I want you to knowI"ll be your man in the middleSqueeze closer, never let

the middleYeah yeahWake up 5 in da morning they know I"m on itHop up with my hand on my pistol (On god)Nigga get shot playin man in da middleDemons tellin

ain"t gon flinch at the cost, uhhPockets on swole like a bossYou finna take a whole "nother loss, lahoo saherYeah, never been the man in the middle

Said the man in the middle of a cuddle: "hey can you feel me?"Her vacant stare"s just a diddle, her minds a riddleBut he can take it nowCan you

and back, and all points in betweenCause I"m the man in the middle who needs the keyYou"re a puzzle and a riddle, a mysteryI think you love me a little

Man in the middleI made me a momentI might to get runningAnd take it back for meYou told me you want meWell baby come show itYou say that you

lossYeahNever been the MAN IN THE MIDDLEImma call the plays in the SouthI wonder why your bands so littleYou finna take a whole other lossWater gon

One man to the left One man to the right One man in the middle One man dressed in white One man in the east One man from the west One

Jesus took the middle one and Barabas went free I love that man in the middle because I know he first loved me Praise to that man who died on Mount

different levelAnd I"m smoking this pac different colors like skittlesI ain"t talking to youYou the man in the middleNigga thought he was lit poppin just

Pour me a 4Pop a perk like a skittleHad to boss upFuck that man in the middleParanoia got me clutching my pistolBut if I get caughtI won"t tell

a manIn the middle of the roadThe next day I woke upThey coined a lie and said we didn’t see things rightThe next time I lookedThe reports come in

you say to me nigga (The fuck)Aye, woah don"t play with me niggaI ain"t trappin i"m just the man in the middleJust let me know you want a lot

Nigga I"m hot skilletThese niggas sweet as skittlesI ain"t got no time for the man in the middle when my pack could be a little biggerAll deposits

like I"m lost at seaSometimes it just seems so simpleI"m feeling like I"m down on my kneesSometimes like a man in the middleI don"t know my own

And we back in the middle, yeah we backGotta keep a man in the middle, in the middleGotta keep "em guessing it"s a riddle, yeah whatGonna turn

I like how she jiggleI"m my own boss no man in the middleTwo hands on that ass I palm it no dribbleShitI cut that hoe off I"m sharp like a chisel
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