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vertebral type containing foramina in the transverse processes, through which the vertebral arteries ascend to reach the brain


Spinal nerves ( engine axons) exit the vertebral tower via the ventral source (where lock synapse on engine neuron ganglia ) then the ventral horn. Sensory nerves enter the spinal cord via the dorsal horn, synapse top top the dorsal ganglia and enter the spinal cord.

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discs and the S-shaped of the vertebral shaft prevent shock to the head in walking and also running and provide flexibility come the body trunk

a disc in which the cell core puposus herniates through the annulus;the nucleus pulposus compresses ~ above the spinal cord resulting in pain/possible paralysis

The two primary curvatures the we"re born with room the concave front curvatures in the thoracic and sacral spines.

The "secondary" curvatures, the compensatory curvatures, happen with regular development. (Normal development is the condition under which castle occur) These are the cervical curvature, i m sorry develops first with infant head lifting and the lumbar curvature, which creates next sitting up. This curvatures prepare the spine because that ambulation.

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The major bony contents of the thorax (excluding the vertebral column) space the ___________ and the _______________.

A totally free floating rib is neither a true or false rib. Ribs 1-7 are taken into consideration "true" ribs because they are directly attached come the sternum by individual coastal cartilages. Ribs 8-10 are thought about "false" ribs since they are indirectly attached to the sternum by a common coastal cartilage. Ribs 11 and also 12 are considered "free floating" due to the fact that they room neither straight or indirectly attached come the sternum. Instead, they finish in posterior ab musculature. They room still capped with cartilage though