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If you have a NES video game Genie and arn"t doing really well in The Legend the bsci-ch.org, thenmaybe few of these codes will assist you out!Game Genie codesThe Legend that bsci-ch.orgNSKUILTA limitless energySXPAPO Some opponents can"t moveSXYAPO Walk increase a screen, and you deserve to walk anywhere at the top.NYAZPA every little thing except you and the enemies are black, also your hearts.YGAEXP enemies in shop, enemies in top edge outside and some enemies are grounding in the LaburnumsNOTE: If your is one "o" next to the code it method it will only job-related with the old version of bsci-ch.org. You deserve to tell if you have actually an old version as soon as you die and also it claims Continue, Save, Retry and nothing else. If you have actually the brand-new version the will likewise have a red crate that says host in the Reset switch when you rotate off the power. If over there is one "?" beside the code, the code has actually not been tested top top both versions of the game.PPLXZZ Touch wall and a ghost will appear PPEEAA bring up lock subscreen at every timesVVTTSP Puts girlfriend on start screenPOZXXU walk around and also fire sword, friend will gain stuff ~ above location--?AAIZZI limitless money--?AEEAEE all adversaries in game are fall rocksAAPVEX Start game at the height left edge of mapAAANAA Walk v walls in castles. Use the whistle to gain to a castle.AAPNLO Walk through walls, trees, and also water in the overworld. Don"t get in caves; if you do you will not have the ability to get out.OSTLLY press the B button to use weapons you carry out not have. When using this password you must have no weapons. Girlfriend may need to press the B button several times.AIIOOV start with 24 bombs--oTIIOOV start with the potion--oYIIOOV begin with the wand--oIIIOOV begin with the meat--oGIIOOV start with the whistle--oLIIOOV start with a environment-friendly candle--oZIIOOV start with the bow--oPIIOOV begin with a very strong arrow.

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(This arrow can"t kill Ganon for this reason of you want to pass the game don"t use this code)--oTTIOOV begin with 24 keys--oITIOOV start with 24 coins--oIYIOOV Money walk up once in a while--oAKITVX Forms new entrance once you leave a caveEENAKP different stuff in cavesKTVXXZ mystery entrances are open. (you can"t death the snake in the last level with this code)XYYYYL Meat comes the end of shoot swordKIOZXX Rooms are split in half, you might be able to find things, prefer Hearts.VXXTSS Walk when you generally can"t--oSZZVVZ attach is different colorsPPZXYY change castleXXLLLZ quick B button is on, walk through some enemiesIZLZZZ wall changes into rock man when you touch itOPPEEA rate writingPPEEAA bring up lock subscreen at all times