Business organization
An establishment formed to carry on commercial enterprise.

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Sole proprietorshipA organization owned and managed through a single individual. The oldest and most common type of organization organization.
LiabilityThe legally bound obligation to salary debts.
Lack the permanenceA sole proprietorship ends with the life that the owner.
PartnershipA company organization own by 2 or an ext persons.
General partnershipMost common kind of partnership where both partner share responsibility and liability.
Limited partnershipOnly one partner in a partnership has actually unlimited personal liability.
Unlimited liabilityIf a service fails, the owner has to sell personal property come pay off debts.
Limited liability PartnershipAll partners have minimal liability, so they execute not have an individual liability for debt.
AssetsMoney and also other valuables belonging to an individual or business.
CorporationA legal entity owned by individual stockholders.
StockA certificate of property in a corporation.
Closely held corporationCorportation that worries stock to only a couple of people.
Publicly hosted corporationCorporation the sells stock on the open market.
BondA official contract promising to repay borrowed money through interest.
Certificate the IncorporationLicense to kind a corporation authorize by the state government.
ConglomerateBusiness mix merging more than three businesses the make unrelated products.
Horizontal mergerThe mix of two or much more firms completing in the same industry for the same an excellent or service.
Vertical mergerThe combination of two or an ext firms involved in different stages of developing the same great or service.
DividendThe protion the corporate profits paid the end to stockholders.
Multinational corporation ((MNC)Large corporation that produces and sells that is goods and services transparent the world.
Business franchiseA semi-independent organization that payment fees to a parent company in return for the exclusive right to sell a specific product or service in a certain area.
RoyaltyShare that earnings provided as payment to franchiser or producer that a an excellent or service.
CooperativeA organization organization owned and also operated by a team of people for their shared benefit.

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Non-profit organizationInstitution that features much favor a service but walk not operate for the function of make a profit.