In The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A have fun by Virginia Woolf we have actually the template of materialism, perception, conflict, identity, appearance, honesty and loneliness. Take away from she The Complete shorter Fiction arsenal the story is report in the third person by one unnamed narrator and also from the beginning of the story the leader realises the Woolf might be experimenting the design template of identity. Isabella is not watched at the begin of the story and also the leader is left to try and imagine that she can be by usage of the narrator’s words and also description. I beg your pardon is flattering come Isabella leaving the reader to think that Isabella is a happy, middle aged mrs who stays her life entertained by her countless friends. However as the story progresses it becomes clean to the leader that all is not what it might seem come be. Isabella has actually no friends. Every the letters that the narrator had suggested might be letter from admirers and friends room in truth nothing more than bills. This may be important, the truth that Isabella has actually no friends, as it would play top top the layout of loneliness. The would appear that all Isabella has in her life is her garden. There room no friends that might call to her home. That is likewise noticeable the Woolf is using a lot of colour in her summary of Isabella’s drawing-room. This can be symbolically vital as Woolf may be attempting to provide life come the room. Which in many ways is rather ironic as soon as the leader considers the Isabella stays a lonely life.

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What may also be essential is the fact that Isabella’s drawing-room is richly decorated however in all likelihood she has not payment for any type of of the items in the room. Thus the majority of bills in the drawer. The is possible that Isabella is life well beyond her method in the really hopes that she deserve to fill her life v something. The narrator does after all advise the reader that Isabella was ‘empty.’ Isabella may be furnishing her house thinking the this will certainly fill the void she might feel in she life. ~ above the surface Isabella appears to have actually everything. Yet together readers we know that she in fact is a lonely and also empty person. It additionally appears to be a case that the narrator is playing v perception in ~ the start of the story. Despite the people the narrator is pointing out is imaginative it might be the world that Isabella would like culture to see. She might wish to be viewed as a happy person but the truth is an extremely different. She is again empty.

There is additionally a sense that Isabella lives her life in problem or at least lives unrealistically. She has the finest of clothes, the finest of furniture however she is no happy. Again there is a void in she life that darkens life for Isabella. What this darkness might be is left come each leader to decide. It may be a case that Isabella is unhappy the she never uncovered companionship in she life. The only person in Isabella’s life is herself. There is no one else. I m sorry for any type of human gift is a sad thing to need to feel or be mindful of. That is also possible that Isabella is buying points for her residence to replace the things she cannot have actually in life, like a friend or companion. Every the receipt would also suggest the Isabella might be a victim of materialism. Buying so countless things in bespeak to do herself feel better. Yet the truth is Isabella no matter what items she could purchase because that her home is no happier.

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Appearance also seems come be important to Isabella. That might be component of the reason she has her house so richly decorated. She is attempting to live the life of someone she is not. However for Isabella to store up the appearance of being someone who is happy or successful have the right to only end up through Isabella obtaining herself into trouble. Over there are many bills that have not to be paid. There room no girlfriend to help Isabella out. Every she has actually is herself. Though she no seem come recognise this. She life is a façade and also Isabella is living together she go in order to avoid feeling the truth around her life. In ~ no stage in the story go the reader suspect that Isabella has actually firstly been honest with herself and also secondly she has actually not presented the volume that is required to be honest with oneself. So painful is the truth to Isabella she escapes into a civilization that is not real and which cannot be sustained. She is security money on things she cannot afford in order to feel far better about her life. It would be far much better for Isabella come accept that she yes, really is and also to try and live her life come the ideal of her capability without gift dependent on placing on a show for others. Despite again the fact is there are no rather in Isabella’s life. She is an empty and also lonely center aged woman with no friends or no one to care for.

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