Thefirstlawofthermodynamicsis a restatement the thelawof conservation of energy.It claims thatenergy cannot be created or damaged in an diverted system; energy can only be moved or changed from one form to another.When heat power is offered to a thermodynamic mechanism or any machine: two things might occur:Theinternal energyof the mechanism or maker may change.The system may do some externalwork.

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According come thefirstlawofThermodynamics:

ΔQ = ΔW + ΔU

Where ΔQ = warm supplied to the system, ΔW = work-related done by the system, ΔU = change in internal power of the system


TheFirst regulation of Thermodynamics does denote the basic Law of conservation of Energythat the total energy that a device remains conserved. So alternative 1 is correct.
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