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Her Majesty, the Queen’s Zero

Saito finds himself earlier in Japan and also later he also finds himself with a new pair of magical glasses. Louis and her emotions complicate points for Saito immensely.

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E1 | her Majesty, the Queen’s Zero

Saito finds himself earlier in Japan and later he even finds himself v a new pair of miracle glasses. Louis and her emotions complicate points for Saito immensely.


E2 | The Vow of Wind & Water

Cromwell"s Ring the Andavari is a an effective force, one which Wales may not have the ability to overcome. Louise and Saito attempt to rescue Henrietta.


E3 | The Priest’s Sword

Louise harbors feelings of jealousy that continue to impact those around her. The institution is in disarray, especially Mr. Colbert"s course who is broken up come train for war.

E4 | The three Vallière Sisters

Saito and also Louise have actually a facility relationship that gets jeopardized when Louise announces an engagement. Saito gets puzzled when that searches for her.

E5 | The Spy’s Seal

Louise"s sisters reason a commotion and also a thief turns up. Saito has been up to no an excellent and he it s okay punished again.

E6 | The Queen’s Holiday

Saito and Louise take trip to the inn and also don disguises again. At the same time soldiers continue their find for the queen.

E7 | The Underground mystery Document

A declaration of war is signed through Henrietta as a an enig archive is uncovered beneath the school. What she discovered could change everything.

E8 | crisis at the academy of Magic

Tabitha intercepts an important attack on the Magic Academy and also secrets about Benubiro indigenous long earlier come come light.

E9 | The Atonement the Flames

Can the team acquire together and use their collective magic to enter the structure with the hostages? even if lock can, are they able to conserve everyone involved?

E10 | enemy on the Snowy Alps

Henrietta has a one-of-a-kind mission lined up and also Louise and also Saito space the perfect candidates. However Saito hesitates to walk into battle because that what Mr. Colbert mentioned before.

E11 | The silver- Pentecost

Saito and Louise are frustrated with each other and also don"t recognize one another, which continues to influence their emphasis on the mission at hand.

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E12 | The farewell Wedding Ceremony

Are Louise and also Saito being sent out on a suicide mission? prior to they even take into consideration their safety, the pair has one last thing to attain and Louise wants to do a covenant.

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