The claim: thomas Jefferson said providing to those who space not ready to work-related endangers democracy

A Dec. 16 write-up to the Facebook page for save Southern legacy and history includes a a statement about democracy allegedly created by starting Father cutting board Jefferson. 

"The democracy will certainly cease to exist as soon as you take away from those who are willing come work and give come those who would not," states the quote, i beg your pardon is credited to the nation"s 3rd president in a meme.

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Save southerly Heritage and history is a society and social website that likewise posts conservative news and patriotic memes, follow to its on facebook profile page.

USA TODAY got to out come the group for comment.

The statement has actually recent origins and also has not been discovered in Jefferson"s magazine of writings.

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Where is the explain from?

The quote could vaguely reference an excerpt the Jefferson"s 1816 translate into of Antoine Destutt de Tracy"s "Treatise on political Economy."

De Tracy was a French philosopher and economist, according to a story by the Mises Institute, a college of economics in Auburn, Alabama.

Jefferson"s complete translation reads: "To take from one, due to the fact that it is thought that his very own industry and also that the his fathers has got too much, in bespeak to preventive to others, who, or who fathers have actually not worked out equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the very first principle of association, — the guarantee to every among a cost-free exercise of his industry, & the fruits gained by it," according to the cutting board Jefferson Encyclopedia.

The translation is much much longer than the quote in the facebook meme.

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What to be misattributed come Jefferson is in reality pulled indigenous a 1980s-era book.

"Dreams Come Due: Government and Economics together If liberty Mattered" is a guide to libertarian viewpoint written in 1986, according to an editorial testimonial from Publisher"s Weekly. The book"s author uses the pseudonym "John Galt," the hero of Ayn Rand"s 1957 novel, "Atlas Shrugged," follow Rand"s website.

Rand is attributed as a "frequent allude of entry into the libertarian movement" by libertarian think tank The Cato Institute.

The statement about democracy referenced in the claim is lifted directly from page 312 the Galt"s book, according to a screenshot stored on Google Books.

There is no proof Jefferson created or spoke the words attributed to that in the on facebook post.

Our rating: False

We rate this insurance claim FALSE, based on our research. A on facebook meme misattributes a quote from a 1986 publication to establishing Father Thomas Jefferson. Over there is no document of Jefferson having written or spoken the words from the meme.

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