Walter Cunningham’s father. A year before the novel begins, Atticus help Mr. Cunningham through some legitimate issues, and as a Cunningham, Mr. Cunningham is can not to pay Atticus through money. Instead, that pays v foodstuffs and also firewood. Atticus thus insists that although Cunninghams might be poor, castle honorable. Later, he’s part of the mob that tries to antagonize Atticus for taking on Tom Robinson’s court case, yet shamefully retreats ~ Scout asks him around Walter.

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The timeline listed below shows where the personality Mr. Cunningham appears in To kill a Mockingbird. The colored dots and also icons suggest which themes are connected with the appearance.

Atticus explained to scout then the Mr. Cunningham was hit hard by the stock market crash but doesn’t desire a WPA job since...(full context)

...Jem pulls she off. She explains the instance to Jem, that realizes the Walter is Mr. Cunningham ’s son, invites Walter for lunch, and also assures him that Scout won’t run him. Jem...(full context)
* in the groin. The men mutter. Scout looks for a friendly face and also recognizes Mr. Cunningham . She asks about his entailment and about Walter, which provides him watch uncomfortable. Remembering...(full context)
Scout states that she assumed Mr. Cunningham was your friend. Atticus states that that is. Mr. Cunningham, the insists, has blind spots,...

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(full context)
...a small uncertain is a good bet. Scout desires to recognize this Cunningham’s partnership to Mr. Cunningham . Atticus says they’re twin first cousins, i beg your pardon Scout can not make feeling of.(full context)
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