The main theme that Morte d Arthur entails the a. Results of greed. C. Principles of chivalry. B. Nobility of war. D. Dangers of battle.

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The central theme the Morte d Arthur entails the a. After-effects of greed. C. Values of chivalry. B. The aristocracy of war. D. Risks of battle.
In The Prologue come The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer supplies the pilgrimage generally as a an equipment to a. Emphasize the characters religious aspirations. B. Frame the story told by individual characters. C. Explain the rigors of medieval life. D. Create a vivid and realistic setting. In The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer provides the pilgrimage primarily as a maker to: frame the stories told by separation, personal, instance characters. (More)
In Morte d Arthur, which an individual characteristic motivates Sir Bedivere to disobey King Arthur s bespeak to throw the king s sword right into the lake? a. Evil c. Usual sense b. Ambition d. Greed In Morte d Arthur, GREED motivates Sir Bedivere to disobey King Arthur s stimulate to throw the king s sword right into the lake. (More)


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