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CSI comprise ActivityTHE situation OF THE absent COMPUTER CHIP

(IT"S PLUM crazy TO STEAL indigenous US)

check out the development and look at the crime scene map INTRODUCTIONThis task is based upon real crime that emerged at to apologize Computer agency in the at an early stage 90’s

It"s the morning that July 5 in the north California city that Cupertino. You room working the burglar watch, job shift. As commander of the digital theft division you have a team of experts, expert in the arsenal of all species of proof relating come theft the computers and electronic stuff. In ~ 9:50 a.m. You get a speak to that someone has actually attempted come steal an advanced chip indigenous the Plum computer system Company. You and also your team respond instantly to the call. Once you arrive, you discover that the tree is sealed off and also all the uniformed employee in the plant have actually been confined to a single room, the lounge. In ~ the hour, the missing chip is found in one envelope in a heap of mail. The envelope to be addressed to Gordon Lidy, the defense chief that a rival computer firm. A CD was also found in the envelope.

Steve Randak, the president, came down on 8:50 this a.m. To discover the tone-operated protection door to his exclusive lab open and the prototype of his brand-new computer chip missing. He immediately pushed the panic button that alerts defense to nearby the gates. The guard at the door reported the no person had left the plant because 8:00 a.m. Today. What is the problem? ________________________________Read the research sectionAnswer inquiries in the research study sectionWho is the victim? ___________________________________ (hint: who referred to as the police?)What to be stolen? ____________________________________When was it stolen? in between ______AM and _____AM (Hint: nobody arrived before 7:00 and also the chip was found at 8:50AM) whereby did the crime happen? ______________________ (Hint: Think about how the crime to be discovered)

Data chart Suspect



Was the suspect in or near the lab in between 7:00AM and 8:50AM? (Use your map that the crime scene and clues to aid you)

proof :

Fingerprints, white crystals, CD, or the code to lock, blue fibers

Can the doubt be linked with any of the evidence?


Guilty /Innocent

Explain your answer

Steve Randak :The chairman of the Plum computer system Company Time they arrived on work ___________

Time once they were close to or in the lab


Coffee cart Doug Time they arrived at work ___________

Time as soon as they were near or in the lab


Ginny Fletcher: The rap Assistant in ~ Plum computer Company Time they landed on work _______

Time as soon as they were near or in the lab


Jim Hacker : The security Guard in ~ Plum computer Company Time they arrived at work __________

Time when they were close to or in the lab


Cowboy Paul : The shipment Truck Driver Time they landed on work _________

Time when they were near or in the lab


Research: In order come arrest a doubt you must have actually three things: motive, opportunity, and also evidence.

A suspect can not it is in guilty uneven you can prove they had actually a motive or a factor to go the crime.

The suspect should have had actually the opportunity come commit the crime. This way that they to be in the place wherein the crime to be committed throughout the time crime was committed.Evidence is other a criminal leaves behind prefer fingerprints and fibers. Girlfriend must have the ability to connect every one of the evidence to the suspect.


Read each clue and also write down any kind of information girlfriend learned native the ideas on your data chartClue #1

Doug, the guy who operates the coffee dare in the parking lot (see map) reports that he has not seen any strangers today. In fact, this is what the reports: "I saw the defense guard arrive at 7:00 because that the transition change, very same time as Cowboy Paul"s delivery truck. The security guards came out playing through those night sticks and also the Cowboy to be listening to the "Hillbilly" music on his CD player, as soon as they come out because that a cup the coffee."

When did the coffee guy arrive? _______________

(Hint the story starts in ~ 7:00 AM)

When go the protection guard arrive? ______________

When walk Cowboy Paul arrive? __________________

Who was listening come the CD player? ___________________________

Which two world were drinking coffees? _____________ and __________

Clue #2

According to Coffee cart Doug, the laboratory assistant, Ginny, "arrived at 7:15. I turned the lights on in the office for around 5 minutes, similar to always. And then about 7:50, the lights came on and also I might see Ginny functioning in the lab."

When go Ginny arrive? _______________________

When walk Ginny enter the lab? _____________________________

Clue #3

EVIDENCE: The CD that was uncovered with chip had a tonal password that opens up the lab door.

(Hint: A tonal lock supplies musical notes to open up up the lock)

What was discovered on the CD? ___________________________________

Who had a CD player? _________________________________________

Clue #4

Coffee cart Doug reports: "Then at 8:00 the loading crew arrived and also started discharge Cowboy Paul"s delivery truck."

When go the crew come to unload the truck? ___________________

Was Cowboy Paul close to the lab once the crew to be unloading his truck? _________________________

Clue #5

Coffee cart Doug reports: "Nobody else came or left it spins Randak arrived at 8:50 which to be actually at an early stage for him. Pair minutes later on the police arrived."

When walk Randak arrive? _______________________________

Was this his normal time? _______________________________

Clue #6

EVIDENCE: A tiny blue thread and also white crystals were found on the chip. They space being sent out to the lab because that testing.

What was discovered on the computer system chip? _________________________ and ____________________

Clue #7

EVIDENCE: Misc. Evidence: The door to the exclusive lab is secured by a ton lock. Known access is minimal to president and also his assistant.

Which two human being know the code supplied to unlock the lab?

___________________ and also ___________________________

Clue #8

EVIDENCE: A smudged fingerprint was uncovered in the lab.

What was discovered inside that the lab? _____________________________

choose a suspect and write down your theory on who you think go it and why you think they go it. (make sure you usage facts you found in the introduction, research study or the first eight hints as part of her reason) After analysis the very first eight clues, who perform you think stole the computer chip?


(Hint: This is your hypothesis) read the hints after the hypothesis (9-16) and also answer the questions hints AFTER THE HYPOTHESIS create down any kind of information you learned native the ideas on your data chart. clue #9

Ginny reports: "I gained to work-related at the normal time and also opened the office just prior to 8:00. Nothing inexplicable happened."

Did Ginny expose any brand-new information? ________________

Clue #10

Security safety Jim"s statement: "My shift starts at 7:00; I had a cup that coffee v Cowboy Paul and also Buck, the night guy; then i did my rounds and also found everything was secure."

Did the defense guard expose any brand-new information? _____________

Clue #11

Cowboy Paul"s statement: "I arrived around 7:00 a.m., had coffee through the security guards and also waited because that the loading crew to unload mine trailer. I was just around to leave when the alarm go off and also I obtained locked in.”

Was Cowboy Paul close to the lab when his truck to be being unpacked? _______________

Clue #12

MOTIVE: Cowboy Paul: seems to live past his way according to security guard; cd driver Porsche and also wears Rolex watch. The owns 3 Kentucky thoroughbred race horses. Yet he quiet loves Levis. He needs money.

What is Cowboy Paul’s motive? ____________________________________________

Why walk Cowboy Paul need money? ________________________________________

How would stealing the chip aid him? ________________________________________

Clue #13

MOTIVE: defense Guard Jim: "Hacker"; desires to it is in the first on his block to have new stuff.

What is Jim Hacker’s motive? _______________________________________________

How would certainly stealing the chip aid him? ________________________________________

Clue #14

MOTIVE: Ginny Fletcher: Actually arisen algorithm for this computer chip and also has obtained no gaue won or expert recognition for her contribution. She feel shortchanged.

What is Ginny Fletcher’s motive? ____________________________________________

How would stealing the chip help her? ________________________________________

Clue #15

EVIDENCE: Fingerprints: In the lab a single partially smudged publish was found and also since every employees have prints top top file, the was quickly ascertained the belonged to someone who does not job-related for the Plum computer system Company.

Which 3 suspects execute not work for Plum computer Company?

_______________________, ___________________________, and also ______________________________


EVIDENCE: Fiber Evidence: A tiny thread that was later established by the police together denim was found by Randak when he microscopically check the chip come verify it as his absent chip. Additionally found were small white crystals of sugar.

Who likes to wear Levis a type of denim? _________________________________

(Hint watch clue #12)

Which 3 suspects had actually coffee or could have come in contact with sugar that morning? _____________________________, _____________________________ and _____________________________________

Analysis: Look at her data graph which suspect has a motive, opportunity and can it is in connected every one of the evidence: fingerprints, white crystals: sugar, blue fibers: denim, CD, and the password to the lock.

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Write guilty beside the guilty suspect and innocent alongside the other 4 doubt in the analysis section on her data chart.Was your hypothesis correct? correctly or No _______________________________(Hint: Your theory is that you thought was guilty before you read all of the clues. Walk you select the exactly suspect before reading every one of the clues?)Conclusion:Who is the guilty suspect? _________________________________________________Why carry out you think this suspect is guilty? (Hint: list the motive, opportunity and also all evidence that proves your doubt is guilty) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Results:What did girlfriend learn around using the scientific an approach in a genuine life scenario? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________