Bodybuilding women are on a mission to acquire “the world’s largest herbal butt”.

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Vanessa Atides is figured out to rise her curve, so she wakes up at 4am every day and goes to the gym.

She targets the gluteal muscles and also focuses top top the feet in a variety of squat-like exercises.

A 35-year-old woman from Brasilia, Brazil, also eats a protein-filled diet six times a day in hopes of building muscle.

she claimed Really: “My diet is specifically designed to thrive your butt, so you can gain the greatest butt in the world.

“I eat a lot of egg whites and also meat. When I’ve finished, I’m plan my next meal.”

Vanessa Atides loves the fist she obtain for her XL curve (Image: by vanessa tai dess / Instagram) read an ext Related post read an ext Related write-up

Vanessa added: “Today I want to reach my score with just supplements and diet …

“I’m working tough to have the best ass in the world.”

The bomb desires to achieve a 130 centimeter rear with all her tough work.

She loves the attention that originates from the XL curve and also is identified to reach her goal.

Vanessa is really close to her goal and also admits that “the existing size of my butt is 126 cm”.


I want to make loot as much as 130 cm normally (Image: through vanessa tai dess / Instagram)

The version added: “I started stretching mine butt once I to be 24 years old.

“I to be exercising and I to be crazy about it and also wanted to make my butt bigger every day.

“I love gaining attention.

“So it’s an excellent to have an exaggeration ass due to the fact that people are looking in ~ me.

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“I favor to get somewhere and get everyone’s attention.”


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