Personal jae won Planning
Arranging to spend, save, and also invest money come live comfortably. Having actually financial security, and accomplish goal.

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GoalsThings you desire to accomplish
ValuesAre the beliefs and principles you consider important, correct, and also desirable.
Opportunity CostTrade-off that is provided up when making one choice instead the another.
LiquidityThe ability to easily convert financial assets into cash without loss in value.
ServiceA job that a person or a an equipment performs for you.
GoodA physical item that is produced and also can be weighed or measured.
EconomicsThe examine of the decisions that get in making, distributing, and using goods and also services.
EconomyConsists of the methods in which civilization make, distribute, and use your goods and also services.
SupplyIs the lot of goods and services obtainable for sale.
DemandIs the lot of goods and services world are ready to buy.
Federal make reservation SystemThe central banking organization of the united States.
InflationThe rise in the level the prices for goods and also services
ConsumerA human being who purchases and also uses goods or services.
InterestThe price the is paid because that the usage of another's money.
Time worth of MoneyThe increase of an amount of money because of earned interest or dividends.
PrincipleThe original amount of money on deposit.
Future ValueThe quantity your initial deposit will certainly be worth in the future based on earning a particular interest price over a specific period of time.
AnnuityA collection of equal continuous deposits.
Present ValueThe quantity of money you would should deposit currently in order to have a desired amount in the future.
Money ManagementPlanning exactly how to obtain the many from her money.
Safe-Deposit-BoxA little secure warehouse compartment that you can rent in a bank, generally for $100 a year or less.
Personal gaue won StatementA paper that provides information around an individual's present financial position and presents a summary of income and also spending
Personal Balance SheetA gaue won statement the lists items of worth owned, debts owned, and a person's net worth.
Net WorthThe difference between the amount the you own and the debts the your own.
AssetsAny items of worth that an separation, personal, instance or company owns.
Wealth(Liquid Assets,Real estate,Personal Possessions, and investment assets)An variety of beneficial material possessions or resources.
Liquid AssetsCash and items that have the right to be conveniently converted come cash.
Real EstateLand and any structures that room on it.
Market ValueThe price in ~ which property would sell.
LiabilitiesDebts the you owe.
InsolvencyA jae won state that occurs if liabilities are better than assets.
Cash FlowThe money that in reality goes into and out of your wallet and also bank accounts.
IncomeThe money girlfriend receive.
Take-Home PayThe quantity of revenue left ~ taxes and other deductions space taken out of your gross pay.
Discretionary IncomeThe money left end after paying because that the essential, such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and also medication.
SurplusExtra money that can be spent or saved, depending upon a who financial goals and also values.
DeficitThe financial situation that wake up when more money is invested then is deserve or received.
BudgetPlan for utilizing money to fulfill wants and needs.
Consumer Price index (CPI)A measure of the changes in prices for frequently purchased goods and services in the joined States.

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Budget VarianceThe difference in between the budgeted amount and the yes, really amount that you spend.