I really want to find the password, which one is it? Or where can I find the passward at? And what will it do once I unlock the password, will it unlock the robot thing next to it?

Lets say the password is 5 blanks, and here are your words

Match Blown Tooth March Taken Snark

ok well you get the idea. Now other than words there will be symbols you wanna look out for... which are parenthesis ( ) and bracket thingys { } and these < >

if you highlight over them it will bring up anywhere from 2 or 8 letters as something you can click on. These can take away words that arent the right one, or give you back your 2 or 3 tries...

Now for the words The actuall password is Match ( again this is just an example )

Lets say you pick March Tooth and Snark as 3 words.

On the right it will say 4 out of 5 for March, 1 out of 5 for Tooth and 0 out of 5 for Snark.

What this means is that March has 4 of the letters of the correct word, in the right order.

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See only 1 letter ( r ) isnt lined up right with the right word. Lets compare Tooth and Snark now.



See only the end ( h ) lines up correctly



Nothing lines up right.

using this you can sometimes be lucky and find the right answer easily, just by luckily randomly selecting an answer and having it match up almost.

This is very helpfull especially when you start have like 12 letter answers.

sorry if that was confusing but i hoped it helped

This Site Might Help You.


Password for the computer in Super Duper Mart on Fallout 3?

I really want to find the password, which one is it? Or where can I find the passward at? And what will it do once I unlock the password, will it unlock the robot thing next to it?

Robco Fallout 3

I got a solution. Come to Megaton and I might just lend you my .44(I need some kinda identification). If you don"t prefer small guns, blitz the damn raiders into powder with a minigun. Or blow em all straight to hell. Either way, you get a nice smell of dead raiders. Mmmm. Dead raiders. Makes me drool.... Come to think of it, if you can"t handle a few pesky Super Duper Mart raiders you must be level zero. Which is pathetic. My Maggie is level three. Better than you.

The set of passwords changes every time you use the computer. There s no definite one, but the only tip I can give is take 3 guesses, then back out. That way you have unlimited trys at it.

There is no definite password.They randomize it every time. When you intiate a hack they give you a page of words with one being correct. You have to guess. If you pick four times, and are wrong all four times your locked out foverer. However if you hit back after the third incorect guess you can try again. And yes if you hack it you can awaken the robot... although he"s mostly uselss. He dosn"t leave the place... but I think he stays and can keep raiders from coming back.. although they might kill him.

Supa A Mart

The passwords are always different if you unlock it youll get the robot. Once you have one guess left just click out of the screen than go back and youll have full guesses

here is a "cheat": after you guess and get 3 strikes ... don"t guess again. just exit the screen and reactivate the machine. you"l never be locked out. it"s harder to guess codes ... but you get in.

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Honestly, I am not convinced

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