Quotes and also verses help us find words when we don’t have actually them ourselves. Rumor has it country singer Dolly Parton is quoted as saying, “Storms do trees take deeper roots.” Though, newly I found one more reference that it was the poet George Herbert who deserves the initial credit saying, “Storms do oaks take it deeper root.”

Storms make Trees take it Deeper Roots

Quotes and also verses help us discover words once we don’t have them ourselves. Rumor has it nation singer Dolly Parton is quoted together saying, “Storms do trees take deeper roots.” Though, newly I found another reference the it to be the poet George Herbert that deserves the initial credit saying, “Storms make oaks take deeper root.” together a fan of bluegrass, the roots of country music and a bibliophile, I’ll accept both references.

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When girlfriend hear a storm is coming, you try to prepare as finest you can. Periodically you have actually little an alert and occasionally you have a bit an ext time. In either case, you need to dig deep and also it is then, castle say, you view what you room truly make of. Girlfriend don’t really understand what girlfriend are capable of until you have to do it. And so, right here we space in the elevation of the storm, or hopefully simply passing the height, v 41 work in our homes, and for united state at Wardlaw+Hartridge, 22 days in street Learning.

Humans space social creatures and social distancing has, on the surface, put an excellent restrictions top top our natural need for connection. However, one can argue that social distancing has pushed us to connect an ext deeply and also with much more heart 보다 before. Together I spend my own days on video chats with my friends and family, ns am to win by the amount of laughing, joy, and genuine smiles the come with every single time. As I popular music in top top our reduced School class both live and recorded, again, i see displays filled v smiles. In mine own administrative Meetings, over there is a great deal an ext laughter 보다 tears, in spite of the hefty decisions and work that is still to be done.

I can not be more proud of our students, parents and faculty for digging deep and also leaning in to weather this storm together. The number of hours that teachers room spending record engaging video clip lessons, having actually one-on-one sessions v students, driving roughly (with society distancing) come drop in mailboxes things that go not make it through the mail to be provided in lessons because that the week, involvement in ~ above birthday journey parades for their students, and what I uncover to it is in the many crucial, caring for one another. Checking in on their colleagues, having actually virtual happy hours, publication clubs, texting one an additional just to see exactly how they room doing... Every one of these things perhaps would have happened regardless, but perhaps not. We all recognize that while as adult we room doing our work of teacher, administrator, attorney, banker, project manager, technological specialist, etc., us are likewise mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who have actually “work” to perform there as well, and also suddenly the is simultaneous. In the past, most of us can go come the office and also turn turn off the other jobs for at least several hours. The office has relocated, and also now we space juggling every these functions all the time

Once a week Mrs. Olitt, Ms. Congregane, miss Bongiovanni and I have actually virtual meetings with teaching teams and specialist teachers to check in on their students, to check out if lock need any type of help, to uncover out exactly how it’s going this week, and also to watch their faces for a visual examine on exactly how they are doing. Our faculty space doing therefore much, and I to be so fortunate to walk alongside them v this storm. We have started assembling small video snippets the the teaching and also learning the is walk on in the reduced School, and I can’t wait because that you to check out them. This is pioneering thinking. Yet, what strikes me most about my meetings through teachers and also administrators is in spite of all the challenges they are facing, the first question they ask the minute the audio is linked is, “Silvia, just how are you?”

I have not common this extensively yet, yet on January 10, 2020, a an individual storm began for me. I heard words I never ever thought I would certainly hear, especially not at 36 years old. “You have actually breast cancer.” Truthfully, ns don’t understand the precise words as my ears simply stopped working. Later, ns learned I had actually Stage One Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. V no family history, to say i was shocked would certainly be a gross understatement. My prompt family and also those I store close come me to be the just ones who knew I had a biopsy performed three days prior. Also in this circle to be Mr. Andy Webster, Dr. Bob Bowman, and also Dr. Corinna Crafton.

When I referred to as Andy come tell him the the biopsy came back with malignancy, the an initial thing he stated to me was, “We love you, and we will help you obtain through this.” once I first saw Bob and Corinna, the an initial thing castle both did to be hug me. Mrs. Kathy Marikakis held my hand as I said the lower School faculty the the next months of our institution year would need me to carry out a lot to take treatment of myself and also while I might be in and also out, i was still there because that them. The plank of Trustees sent me flowers and also thoughtful gifts and cards. Every one of the faculty questioning me exactly how I am, check in top top me, and see if I require anything. Every single Lower college faculty member write me cards, leaves and also sends me gifts, and checks top top me every solitary Wednesday as soon as I have infusions. Just yesterday, once texting v a teacher about one of she students, she stated “How are you doing?” ~ chatting a bit, she finished with, “Take treatment of you, perform you understand, don’t prize me back.❤️❤️”

As we rapid forward through the last few months the a effective lumpectomy by among the many extraordinary humans, Dr. Laurie Kirstein, parent of Sydney and Etan Pfeffer ‘32, ns am, medically speaking, cancer-free. I have weathered fertility preservation and also am now under the care of one more incredible person, Dr. Serena Wong, also at Memorial Sloan Kettering. This week i completed nine of 12 main of chemotherapy infusions, and also I deserve to see just how deep my roots have grown together I head toward the end of the hardest months of my whole life (throw in the continue to be at house order and also distance finding out for great measure). Yet, it is only because they are linked with mine family, my friends, and also our school’s faculty and staff. One never weathers storms fine alone; it is only with others the we watch the other side.

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While ns am sure that there are numerous crazy work in the household of a household with a parental or parents working in the home and one or an ext children now taking meetings as well throughout the day, I would imagine that there are an ext days filled with the happiness of being v your family and caring for one an additional in brand-new ways. The puzzle market is booming appropriate now. Family members movie nights room all the rage, and the house dance party has certainly taken off. The relationship at home, with prolonged family, through friends, and also with your circles, I perform hope have strengthened. I, think, and I am no Dolly Parton or George Herbert, the the storms us weather as a community deepen our roots. If socially distant, Wardlaw+Hartridge has grown incredibly closer.