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ax cytoplasm
Definition the entire contents of the cell, exclude, of the nucleus and bounded through the plasma membrane
Term chromosomes
Definition found in all cells that carry genes together DNA
Term ribosomes
Definition small organelles the make protein follow to genetic instruction.
Term eukaryotic bio cells
Definition 1. Hold their DNA in a nucleus2. Have actually membrane-bound organelles
Term prokaryotes cells
Definition 1. Hold their DNA in a nucleoid which doesn"t have a membrane to separate the DNA indigenous the remainder of the cell
Term nucleus
Definition the chromosome comprise organelle that a eukaryotic bio cell. Among two oribel that have actually two membranes
Term nuclear envelope
Definition encloses the nucleus and also separates its components from the cytoplasm
Term spicy complex
Definition a feet in the atom envelope that regulates the exit and entry of huge macromolecules and particles
Term atom lamina
Definition inner membrane that the nuclear envelope
Term chromosomes
Definition structures that carry genetic information. Human being cells have actually 46.

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Sperm and eggs have actually 23
Term chromatin
Definition a facility of protein and also DNA that makes up a eukaryotic chromosome. When the cell isn"t dividing it"s uncoiled
Term nucleolus
Definition a specialized structure in the nucleus, formed from miscellaneous chromosomes and active in the synthetic of ribosomes
Term ribosomes
Definition particles made of ribosome RNA and protein that carry out protein synthesis
Term cost-free ribosomes
Definition ribosomes discovered in the cytosol
Term tied ribosome
Definition attached to the end of endoplasmic reticulum or the nuclear envelope that make protein that obtain put in membranes, space secreted, are placed in lysosomes
Term cytosol
Definition the semifluid part of the cytoplasm
Term lysosome
Definition sac filled with digestive chemicals
Term mitochondria
Definition structures that transform nutrients to energy
Term centriole
Definition structure that organizes activity of chromosomes.
Term endoplasmic reticulum
Definition passageways wherein chemicals are made
Term vacuole
Definition sac that stores water, nutrients, or rubbish products
Term plasma membrane
Definition membrane the surrounds and protects the cell
Term golgi apparatus
Definition stack the membranes the packages chemicals
Term vesicle
Definition package produced by the Golgi Apparatus